Imperial Order of the New Prussian Cardinal

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Imperial Order of the New Prussian Cardinal
Awarded by
theSovereign of Empire of New Prussia
TypeDynastic and Religious
Established1 January 2021
CountryFlag of the Empire of New Prussia.png
The Empire of New Prussia
MottoLatin: Sincere et Constanter (Pure and Steadfast)
CriteriaAt the Monarch's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderKaiser August IV
SovereignKaiser August IV
Chancellor of the OrderPope Pius Eugene I
  • Knight Grand Cross/Dame Grand Cross
  • Knight First Class/Dame First Class
  • Knight Second Class/Dame Second Class
  • Knight Third Class/Dame Third Class
First induction1 January 2021
Last induction7 January 2021
Next (higher)Imperial Order of the House of Terlisner-Harms
Next (lower)Imperial Order of the New Prussian Crown

The Imperial Order of the New Prussian Cardinal is an order of chivalry founded by August IV on 1 January 2021 and it is the second highest order of the Empire of New Prussia.

Appointments are made at the sole discretion of the Sovereign and does not need the approval of the government. This Order can be awarded anytime except for holidays. The Sovereign may appoint only 8 of his/her citizens per rank in honor of the first Emperor of New Prussia August IV. The Sovereign may appoint as many supernumerary Knights -Members of the Royal Family and Foreign Heads of State- as he/she wishes.


The Order itself wasn't official until 1 January 2021. The Order is based of the Order of the Red Eagle which belonged to the German Empire and is now obsolete. This order is somewhat religious because the emperor August IV believes that cardinals are visiting ancestors from heaven.


The Order is considered as a gift from the Sovereign and the Pope of The Church of New Prussia for contributing to the empire, the imperial family, or a Christian church.


For one to become a member, one has to provide some type of service to the empire, a religious service, and/or to the royal family. For example: Volunteer at the nations library for one month and have no complaints from the librarian, or help teach bible school to the church youth at the local church. Then a person has to be recommended by an individual and must fill out a report stating what they have done and why they should be given the award, or a person must fill out a report on what service(s) they have done and why they think they are worthy of receiving the award and they must have a witness(s) to confirm the said service(s). The letter of recommendation must be sent out to the representative of the order, who is the Gentleman/Dame Usher of the Red Rod, who will see if the person has met merits and will forward the letter to the Chancellor of the Order if approved. The Chancellor will look over the letter the merits and the letter and will do a background check on the recipient. When the Chancellor approves, he/she will forward the letter to the Emperor who will have the final say if the recipient is worthy or not. Should the letter be declined, the recipient will receive a letter of denial from either the Emperor, the Chancellor of the Order, or the Red Rod.


Officers of the order are not of the eight members because they are temporal.

Chancellor of the Order: Has the power to accept or decline the letter of recommendation and has the power to degrade members with approval of the Sovereign.

Gentleman/Dame Usher of the Red Rod: The representative of the order, maintains discipline within the order and grants access to the investiture ceremony.

Secretary: keeps records of previous and current knights/dames of the order and does background checks on recipients.

List of current members of the Order
Member number Rank Name Date of appointment Present age
Sovereign August IV 1 January 2021 19
Royal Knight 2nd Class Colton 1 January 2021 12
Royal Knight 2nd Class Reese 7 January 2021 10
1 Vacant
2 Vacant
3 Vacant
4 Vacant
5 Vacant
6 Vacant
7 Vacant
8 Vacant