Imperial Army of the Würtige Empire

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Imperial Army
Wurdigeland Army Banner.jpg
Army Banner for the Imperial Army
Active 2012–present
Country Würdigeland
Role Land force
Size 6
Motto Victoria per traditionem
Anniversaries February 1, 2012
Engagements None
General Field Marshal Vacant

The Imperial Army of Würdigeland (German: Königsheer) are the land forces of the Technocratic Empire of Würdigeland. The army is struggling to recruit citizens while keeping politics away from military affairs with such a small national population.



The imperial army was founded on February 1, 2012, the day Würdigeland was founded. It had no form of existence beyond a private bodyguard unit of the Emperor Arthur Lobão in the first months of the Würtige Founding. The army was originally, and this is still very much its primary function, intended to be a defensive force to protect the country, its provinces and its people. But since recent threats to the Würtige Empire, the army has been modernizing its strategies and equipment in order to be ready for any needed invasion.




The Imperial Army standard issued weapon is the Kar98 Bolt Action Air Soft Rifle. The Kar98 shoots 270 feet per second. Its ammunition is a 0.2 Gram BB. This is a Spring Airsoft Rifle, meaning that after every shot, the shooter has to cock his weapon. The gun holds 5 rounds.


The Imperial Army has two types of uniforms. Service Dress and Battle Dress. Service Dress is the formal uniform, While the Battle Dress is used in engagements. All awards, medals and badges are displayed on the soldiers left side. The color of the uniform is a Grey Formal service jacket, with trousers of equal color and material. On their heads officers wear a beret. The Battle Dress is in a camouflage pattern with black boots. No awards are allowed to be displayed for safety reasons, as well as all soldiers are required to wear a standard issued Stahlhelm or a Pickelhaube while in outdoors.

Combat Units

Name Headquarters Status
1st Guard Divison flag.jpg 1st Guard Division South Würdigestadt Active

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