Ikonian kyro

The Kyro (Ikonian: Σkyutlorata) (sign: κ; code: KYR) is the official currency of the Kingdom of Ikonia. It is subdivided into 100 kyrins (sign: ʀ). It was created by the monarch, Cameron I and is printed by the Ministry of Treasury in Uvenia. All coins and banknotes are designed by the King or the Minister of Treasury.


Official users Ikonia
Pegged toUSD$1.6
Nicknamelorixilia [1]
Sub-unitKyrins (ʀ)
Coins1ʀ, 5ʀ
Banknotesκ1, κ5, κ10, κ20, κ50, κ100
Central bankMinistry of Treasury
PrinterMinistry of Treasury
MintMinistry of Treasury


As part of Ikonia's foundation in 2018, the Treasury founded a currency for the government to use called the kyro. The banknotes only came officially into use in November 2018.

Written styles

Amounts can only be written in one way known as: κ.ʀ (known as the Standard Format, written as κ1.20ʀ). The placement of the bill goes at the start of the amount, the number of the coins goes at the end, such like the Siroccan simoleon.

Standard Format

The Standard Format is the predominant and only style of writing amounts in Kyros and kyrins. The style is always used for amounts that do not equal a Decimal or Half-Decimal (such as 10ʀ or κ1.20ʀ) but can also be used if the amount does equal a Decimal or Half-Decimal. If the amount is less than one kyro, the Standard Format is always rendered as xʀ (as in 5ʀ). If the amount is greater than one Kyro, it is rendered without the shilling symbol.


Image Value Colour Description Date of Issue
  κ1 Grey André Weil 24 August 2019
  κ5 Yellow Zed Zarel 24 August 2019
  κ10 Purple HG The Duke of Nikodemia 24 August 2019
  κ20 Green HH Hayden Ford 24 August 2019
  κ50 Pink Karlos Fehrman 24 August 2019
  κ100 Blue Cameron I 24 August 2019


Image Value
Colour Description


Reverse Obverse Reverse Description Date of Issue
  Silver Royal coat of arms of Ikonia The only kyrin coin released 24 August 2019

2018 series


Image Value Colour Description Date of Issue
  κ1 Blue Cameron I 15 October 2018
  κ5 Blue Andre Weil 15 October 2018
  κ10 Blue Troy Koehler 15 October 2018
  κ20 Blue Vulture 15 October 2018
  κ50 Blue Hayden Ford 15 October 2018
  κ100 Blue Nicholas II 15 October 2018

Exchange Rate

There is no variation in the exchange rate of the Kyro - likewise with the Siroccan simoleon, once an exchange rate is calculated, both the Kyro and the currency to be exchanged are pegged together. The Kyro is also macronationally pegged to the United States dollar at US$1.6 to one singular kyro.


Year   KAP Exchange rate   BRC Exchange rate   PAD Exchange rate   NEP Exchange rate   VAL Exchange rate 25px IUD Exchange rate   NIR Exchange rate   NRD Exchange rate
2019 $80 ᛒ 2.20 $1.60 ℕ 0.0012 V 2.00 $2.13 N[2] 32.0 $2.80


Year   USD Exchange rate   GBP Exchange rate   EUR Exchange rate   JPY Exchange rate   CAD Exchange rate   TWD Exchange rate   RUB Exchange rate   INR Exchange rate
2019 $1.60 £1.30 €1.42 ¥ 168.7 CA$2.13 NT$50.3 ₽ 105.6 ₹ 114.4

United States exchange rate

The following are the values for the United States dollar and the kyro: (note that values are truncated)

0.01 0.02 0.05 0.10 0.20 0.50 1 2 5 10 20 50 100 200 Calculation
United States dollar
to Ikonian kyro
κ1.25 κ3.12 κ6.25 κ12.50ʀ
κ31.25ʀ κ62.50ʀ
κ125 $ value ÷ 1.6
Ikonian kyro
to United States dollar
$1.60 $3.20 $8 $16 $32 $80 $160 $320 κ value x 1.6


  1. Translated from Ikonian as "rich"
  2. Not to be confused with the New Eiffelic Ping symbol, ℕ