Ikonian Overseas Territories

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Ikonian Overseas Territories
Flag of Ikonian Overseas Territories
IKOT claims in red
IKOT claims in red
Largest settlementsWells
Official languageEnglish
DemonymIkonian, Ikonian Islander
• Monarch
Cameron I
Aidan McGrath
• Minister of State
Luis Sanchez
• 2019 estimate
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy (AD)

The Ikonian Overseas Territories (IKOTs) are 2 territories under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the Kingdom of Ikonia. All overseas territories are assumed member-states of the Ikonian Empire.

Current overseas territories

The only Ikonian Overseas Territories are as listed:

Flag Arms Name Location Motto Area Population Capital
Flag of Baker Island.svg
None released by government Baker Island Pacific Ocean "For the sea, the land and the sky." 1.4 km2 0 Duclos