Ikonian Ambassador to India

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The Ikonian Ambassador to India is the official diplomatic representative of the government of the Kingdom of Ikonia to that of the Republic of India.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Ikonia to the Republic of India
Royal coat of arms of Ikonia.svg
Coat of arms of the Kingdom
Dhrubajyoti Roy

since 17 May 2020
StyleHis/Her Excellency
AppointerThe Monarch (advised by Privy Council)
Formation6 August 2019
The Republic of India flag.

The Kingdom of Ikonia first officially recognized India as a sovereign state among others on 14 July 2019. As Ikonian recognition of India is not currently reciprocated, the position of Ambassador is - at present - unaccredited, and serves a primarily ceremonial role, yet serves legitimacy in the Ikonian government.

List of Ambassadors

Number Name Portrait Resident of In office Appointed by Notes
1 Dhrubajyoti Roy     Vishwamitra 30 December - present HM Cameron I
First ever holder, was appointed after offering service