Ibrahim I

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Ibrahim I is a citizen of Secundomia.

Micronational History

Ibrahim I has had a long and complex history in Secundomia.

Early Citizenship

Ibrahim I was a citizen of Skillz, and worked along with Nate I, President Snow, Spencer I, and several other non-secundomians to create the nation. However, when Skillz collapsed, he did not merge with Secundomia like Nate and Spencer. However, he later joined Secundomia. In his early citizenship, he was relatively inactive. He later invited his brother, Rahim I into Secundomia. He also joined Sterling and became Duke of Southern Mercuria. After a brief contreversial period in which his brother claimed that he left Secundomia, he was expelled from Sterling. He claimed he had never left Secundomia, and was allowed back in.

Cabinet Crisis

Ibrahim I is regarded as the central figure of the cabinet crisis. Although he was not expelled, he was tried alongside his brother, Rahim I.

After the Cabinet Crisis, and First Presidential Candidacy

After the Cabinet Crisis, Ibrahim kept a low profile in Secundomia, until he decided to run for president against incumbent Parker I. They tied the first election, and the second, before Parker I beat him with one vote.

Second Presidential Candidacy

Ibrahim I lost his second Presidential candidacy while in the Conservative Party Primaries. After the Elections, Ibrahim became Director of the Air Force.

Current Activity

Ibrahim I is not very active currently, however he has recently entered the 2010 Micronational Olympics in Secundomia, in two disciplines: Checkers and Reversi.