II Legislature (Adammia)

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This is a list of members of the Empire of Adammia's Ruling Council during the term of II Legislature, from 2014-2015.

Position Name (& Titles) Held office since Political party
Councilor of Primoria HIH Crown Prince Daniel 26 July 2014 Independent
Councilor of Tytannia HG Sir Reginald Hall 3 August 2013 Independent
Councilor of Maternia
Prime Minister
HIH Emperor Mother Jayne Belcher PM 18 July 2013 Independent
Councilor of Watertopia
Deputy Prime Minister
HG Julie Foster 12 January 2014 Independent
Councilor of Myway Debbie Shaw 20 January 2014 Independent
Duke of Primoria HIH Prince Jake 31 July 2014 Independent
Duchess of Tytannia HG Madam Winifred Hall 6 May 2013 Independent
Duke of Maternia HG Sir Paul McKenna 31 July 2014 Independent
Duchess of Watertopia HG Julie Foster 29 December 2013 Independent
Duke of Myway HG Sir Christopher Hall 4 January 2014 Independent
Delegate of Abroad Citizens Lord Sir Andrew Hall 20 August 2013 Independent
Delegate of the Colonies
Monarch, Lord Chancellor
HIM Emperor Adam I 19 August 2013 Liberal Party