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!General nature
!General nature
|[[w:Civil Defense|Territorial Defense]]
|[[w:Civil Defense|Territorial Defense]], [[w:Law Enforcement|Law Enforcement]]

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Defense Force
Bregusland Territory Coat of Arms.png
Bregusland CoA
Founded 14 March 2019
Headquarters Central District, Bregusland
General nature Territorial Defense, Law Enforcement
Strength 2
Chief Constable William Schenk
Commissioner Lord Charles Ross
General information
Standard weapon M16 Airsoft Rifle, Pocket Knife

The Imperial Bregusland Constabulary, abbreviated as IBC, is the primary law enforcement and civil defense agency for the Austenasian Crown Dependency of Bregusland. The IBC primarily conducts border protection and community service operations. In addition, they serve as an auxiliary military force in the event of a foreign or internal threat to the colony.