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House of Schroeder

The House of Schroeder is a German royal house whose members are various princes, counts, and kings in Wynnland, Caudonia, Pinelandia and Lilylandia. The family arose from the village known as Schroeder-Oxford in Doggenburg during the 20th century and took their name from the first part of the village name; Schroeder. The first ancestors of the Schroeders were mentioned in 1800.

House of Schroeder
Shield of Schroeder.png

Shield of the House of Schroeder
CountryLilylandia, Wynnland
Parent houseHouse of Meister
TitlesKing of Wynnland
Queen of Lilylandia
Prince of Doggenburg
King of the Oaklandians
Prince of Oaklandia
Landgrave of Meister
Current headSchroeder-Doggenburg:
HM King Maximilian (2004–present)
HRH Princess Lily (2017–present)
Other familiesHouse of Wheatley

The Schroeder family split into two branches, the non-sentient Rileyian branch branch and the Lutheran Frederickan branch, which rules over the House of Meister and Kingdom of Wynnland. The Puffen branch ruled over the Kingdoms of Lilylandia and Kivaria.

The Landgrave of Meister and the Principality of Doggenburg were tied into a personal union in 2019 and called Meister-Doggenburg. The Kingdom of Wynnland was created in 2020 which incorporated the Unitary Principality of Meister-Doggenburg.

The downfall of Lilylandia led to the abolishment of the Lilylandian Monarchy in 2018. A Puffenbachist Monarchist movement in Lilylandia (The Corales) is heavily represented in Parliament.


Landgraviate of Meister

Meister, is the legal American surname of the Schroeder family, which comes from the German word meaning master. The Landgraviate was created in 2014 and was originally under the control of Moose, King of Lilylandia. In 2015, Roxy I gifted the Landgraviate to at the time Archduke Maximilian of Lilylandia, bestowing the title of Landgraviate of Meister to Maximilian.

A picture of Villa Meister

In 2016, the Landgraviate's Diet put forward an act to claim the Villa Meister as apart of the Landgraviate's claims. It was ratified in 2017 by the Landgraviate and then nationally ratified by Lily I months later.

In 2018, the Landgrave created the Doggenburgish Trading Company, under control of the House of Schroeder, in order to establish a new vassal state appropriately named Doggenburg. It would quickly grow into a profitable venture for the family. Lily I would elevate the new city-state to a Principality in August of that same year, effectively making the Landgraviate Maximilian's title; Archduke Maximilian, Prince of Doggenburg, Landgraviate of Meister. Lilylandia would dissolve a few months after, allowing for Dogggenburg and Meister to become sovereign states.

Landgraves of Meister

The Landgrave unified with Doggenburg in 2019, effectively becoming a vassal.

Frederickan Branch

The Frederickan Branch of the Schroeder family was formed in 1996 after the marriage between Frederick and Rebecca Wheatley. Frederick was a member of the House of Meister, a prussian aristocratic family. A few months after the wedding, Frederick adopted a dog named Saber. In 1998, Frederick would adopt another dog named Moose. In 2003, Rebecca gave birth to a son named Maximilian. A few months later Frederick died with Saber succeeding him as the eldest in the line of succession of the non-sentient line and Maximilian succeeding him as the head of the sentient line.[1]

In 2005, Saber was crowned as Sovereign Princess of Rondon, officially starting the first branch of the family. Saber passed away in July of 2005 with Moose succeeding her as Prince of Rondon. At the time, Rebecca, Princess Royal was appointed as Head of Government and started to put forth new reforms to better the family's holdings. Moose I dismissed Rebecca from her position in 2010 and appointed Maximilian as her successor. In 2011, Moose I created a new landgrave called Charliya with Charlie Wigner as Landgraviate. Charliya was elevated to the status of County in 2013. In 2016 after the Charliyan Wars, the title was given to Maximilian and then to Taylor Wigner.

In 2014, Lilylandia was created after the victory of the War of the Lilylandian Succession from the Oxard Emperor Logan. Moose was crowned Moose I, King of Lilylandia on January 23rd, 2014. A month later, The War of Oxard Annexation resulted in a victory for the Frederickans and the acquisition of the title of Emperor of the Oxards. The title was later abandoned after the death of Moose.

In July of 2014, Moose I passed away with Roxy I succeeding him. Roxy I inherited the thrones of Oxardia, Lilylandia, and Sabersberg. In 2015, she established the Institute of Lutheran Influence, to push for religious reforms in Frederickan territories. In 2015 she appointed Maximilian as Archduke of Lilylandia. In 2016, she declared that any non-sentient descendants can not claim to be Head of the Frederickan branch of Schroeder after her death.

In 2017, Roxy I passed away and was succeeded by Maximilian as the sentient Head of the House of Schroeder and Lily I as Queen of Lilylandia. Prince Maximilian put forth a new flag for Doggenburg and the establishment of a personal union between Doggenburg and the Landgrave of Meister. On June 1st, 2020, Maximilian formed the Kingdom of Wynnland by merging the Duchy of Dixieboro under the control of the House of Wheatley and the Principality of Meister-Doggenburg under control of the Schroeders.

Princes and Princesses of Sabersberg

Portrait Name
Shield Reign Birth Death Marriages
  Saber, Princess of Sabersberg   2005-2005 1996 2005 None
  Moose, Prince of Sabersberg   2005-2014 1998 2014 None

Kings and Queens of Lilylandia

Portrait Name
Shield Reign Birth Death Marriages
  Moose I   2014-2014 1998 2014 None
  Roxy I   2014-2017 2001 2017 None

Princes of Meister-Doggenburg

Portrait Name
Shield Reign Birth Death Marriages
  Maximilian, Prince of Meister-Doggenburg   2019-present 2003 Alive None

Kings of Wynnland

Portrait Name
Shield Reign Birth Death Marriages
  Maximilian I   2019-present 2003 Alive None

Puffensbachist Branch

In 2017, Roxy I passed away and was succeeded by Lily I as Queen of Lilylandia. Because of the split of power in the family and there were no male non-sentient heirs, Lilylandia's royal house changed to Puffensbach. Lily I allowed for democratic reforms to arise in Lilylandia. In 2018, she ratified Maximilian's creation of the Doggenburgish Trading Company in order to create a new city-state for Lilylandia. It was a success and Doggenburg was elevated to the status of Principality with Maximilian as Prince. A month later, the House of Subjects voted in favor of dissolving Lilylandia and creating a new state. Lily was forced to abdicate in September of 2018. Lily is the current Head of the House of Schroeder-Puffensbach.

Queens of Lilylandia

Portrait Name
Shield Reign Birth Death Marriages
  Lily I   2014-2018 2014 Alive None


  1. The sentient line, due to being sentient, is considered more senior then the non-sentient line.