House of Norfolk

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House of Norfolk
House of Norfolk Coat of Arms.png
CountryFlag of the Norfolk Empire.jpg Norfolk Empire
TitlesEmperor of the Norfolk Empire
Duke of the Duchy of Bitty Ridge
Duchess of the Duchy Bitty Ridge
Duke of the Duchy of Dellfolk
Duchess of the Duchy of Dellfolk
Prince of the Norfolk Empire
Current headHRM Duchess Dorothy Norfolk I

The House of Norfolk is the ruling house of the Norfolk Empire. The current head of the Norish branch of the House of Norfolk is HRM Duchess Dorothy Norfolk I.

All of those in the line of succession to the Norish Throne are members of the House of Norfolk or are related to it through blood or marriage.


The specifically Norish branch of the House of Norfolk consists of all those who are descended in line from HRM Duchess Dorothy Norfolk I (1932-), grandmother of the incumbent HIM Emperor Jason Norfolk I. There are currently six living members of the House of Norfolk:

Norfolk Empire

The first national ruler to come from the House of Norfolk was HIM Emperor Jason Norfolk I of the Norfolk Empire as the Emperor of the micronation.