House of Mierzwa

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House of Mierzwa
Arms of the Mierzwa Family.png
CountryMatachewanflag.png Grand Kingdom of Matachewan
TitlesKing of Matachewan
Current headHM Brandon I

The House of Mierzwa is the current ruling Royal House of Matachewan, and is in charge of the Monarchy of Matachewan. The Royal House's current head is Brandon I of the House of Mierzwa.


The current list of members only represents the Mierzwa line descendant from Ludwik Mierzwa (1903 - 1975), great-great grandfather of the incumbent Brandon I.

  • Ludwik Mierzwa (1903-1975) m. Maria Gudyka (1906-1998)
    • HRH Stefan Mierzwa (b. 1932) m. Eugenia Mnich (b. 1938)
    • Zdeclaw Mierzwa (1928 - 1928)
      • HRH Jan Mierzwa (b. 1957) m. Iwona Miklaszewska (b. 1963)
      • Marian Mierzwa (b. 1961) m. Ann Mierzwa (Maiden Name Unkown) (b. ?)
        • HRH Andrew Mierzwa (b. 1982) m. Nicole Gautheir (b. 1986)
        • HRH Peter Mierzwa (b. 1990) m. Laura Simpson (b. ?)
          • HRH Jakub Mierzwa (b. 2019)
        • HRH Michael Mierzwa (b. 1992)

Bold - Males born into the house directly related to Brandon I

Regular Font - Siblings, Cousins, Uncles, Wives...


The furthest recorded Male of the House of Mierzwa is a direct ancestor of Brandon I his great-x3 grandfather, a man by the name of Wawrzyniec Mierzwa (1878 - 1914), who was a descendant from a minor Polish House and owned farmland in Austro-Hungarian Galicia. The parental descendant from Wawrzyniec to Brandon I looks like this:

  • Wawrzyniec Mierzwa (1878 - 1914)
  • Ludwik Mierzwa (1903 - 1975)
  • Stefan Mierzwa (1932 - Present)
  • Jan Mierzwa (1957 - Present)
  • Andrew Mierzwa (1982 - Present)
  • Brandon Mierzwa (2005 - Present)

The House of Mierzwa can be traced back to the Polish-Luthuanian Commonwealth; however, most documents have been lost or were never created. Brandon's grandmother, Iwona Miklaszewska, is a distant descendant from the Polish House of Miklaszewski.