House of Merchadou

House of Merchadou is an old French family who ennobled on June 1, 2013. It is allied to the House of Schmitt since 1985, German and oldest Polish branch of the new princely family that goes back to the mid-eighteenth century. It is present in Blaye for more than two centuries and remains an iconic family of the Gironde region. The family wishes his residence at the Palace of the Citadel of Blaye.

House of Merchadou
Maison de Merchadou
Country Principality of Hélianthis
Parent house House of Merchadou (male line)
House of Schmitt (female line)
Titles Prince of Hélianthis
Earl of Blaye
Viscount Merchadou
Baron von Schmitt
Knight of Thouet
Founder Vincent, Knight of Thouet
Current head H.S.H Prince Vincent I
Founding year 1 June 2013

The House of Merchadou is currently the reigning house of the Principality of Hélianthis.

Currently members of the princely family

The grand-ducal couple

The grand-ducal couple got married in 1985 before divorcing in 2006.

The Crown Princess

The Prince Ludovic

  • His Serene Highness' the Prince Ludovic of Hélianthis: Prince Ludovic

Alliance of the Princely House

The princely family has many members outside the strict sense princely family.

In 2007, Gabrielle Merchadou,Grand Duke's younger sister, marries Christophe Larenjeira-Souza, descendant supposed of the Marquis of Souza. Her children are excluded for claims of heirs of the House of Merchadou but not the throne of Hélianthis transmitted by women.

Genealogical research has shed light on a family relationship between the princely House of Sacchetti, family of the Italian aristocracy and the ruling family.

Questions remain as to the parentage that attaches the Princely House by the maternal grandmother of the monarch, to the illustrious family André, large nîmoise bourgeois family.

Order of succession to the throne

The order of succession to the hélianthain throne is the order are called the Blayais throne eligible persons.

The order of succession is determined by absolute primogeniture, which means that the eldest child of the monarch inherited power after the death or abdication of the latter. In the event that the sovereign has no children, it's the eldest of the sovereign, without male preference, which inherits the throne. The parents of the current ruler as well as his uncles and aunts are not dynasts.

Currently, the first in the order of succession, heir to the throne is the Princess Maud, Countess of Blaye, followed by her daughter, Princess Léane then the elder brother of the ruler, Prince Ludovic, Viscount Merchadou.

List of the heir of the throne: