House of Dovimaldi-Nassor

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The Princely House of Dovimaldi-Nassor
Royal Coat of Arms of Beremagne.png
TypeCurrent Reining House
Head of HouseEmanuel of Dovimaldi-Nassor
MembersReining on
Beremagne.png Beremagne
Aiken flag.png Aiken
Tamopa Flag.png Tamopa
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The House of Dovimaldi-Nassor is a micronational royal house founded in 2018 by Emanuel of Dovimaldi-Nassor, who became the February 11th the first sovereign-prince of Beremagne. Today, the House is reining on the Principality of Beremagne, Tamopa and Aiken, but also have many dukes and earls all around the micro and macro world.



On 11 February was founded the Principality of Beremagne with as the head of State Emanuel of Dovimaldi-Nassor who took immediately the title of "Prince of Beremagne", title attached to the Crown.
Two months later, Emanuel of Beremagne annexed the principality of Tamopa, now known as the State of Tamopa, and dethroned Esteban I, then prince of Tamopa. From this day, the title came to the Crown.
The Duchy of Aiken was found in 2011 and ruled during two years by the Duchess Rita of Aiken. In 2013, the state has been abandoned, and rehabilitated at the end of the year 2018 by the Prince of Beremagne, which declared it as a "State of the Crown".