House of Dovimaldi-Nassor

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The Princely House of Dovimaldi-Nassor
Royal Coat of Arms of Beremagne.png
TypeCurrent Reining House
Head of HouseEmanuel of Dovimaldi-Nassor
MembersReining on
Beremagne.png Beremagne
Aiken flag.png Aiken
Tamopa Flag.png Tamopa
Official Website

The House of Dovimaldi-Nassor is a micronational royal house founded in 2018 by Emanuel of Dovimaldi-Nassor, who became the February 11th the first sovereign-prince of Beremagne. Today, the House is reining on the Principality of Beremagne, Tamopa and Aiken, but also have many dukes and earls all around the micro and macro world.