House of Commons (Atovia)

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House of Commons of Atovia
1st Parliament
HoC Logo Atovia.png
Founded5 May 2017
Connor Stumperth I
New Democratic
since 2 January 2018
Milaw Oakforrest, 
New Democratic
since 18 June 2019
Leader of the Opposition
Stephen Freayth, 
since 28 June 2019
Seats3 MPs
House of Commons Atovia 0219-2.svg
Political groups

Official Opposition:

Other Parties

Single Transferable Vote
Last election
2019 I
Next election
2019 II
Vox populi
"The voice of the people"
Meeting place
Online private chatroom

The Atovian House of Commons (German: Bundesversammlung) is the unicameral legislative body of the nation. The House of Commons is the supreme organ of government, holding the most power according to the Basic Law of Atovia. Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected directly by the citizens of each province to represent the province in national affairs. MPs are elected for a one-year term.

Following the approval of a bill in parliament, the Supreme Court determines its constitutionality. If the bill is deemed to be unconstitutional, it is sent back to the House of Commons for changes. Once a bill is approved in parliament and determined to be constitutional, it is sent to the chancellor to approve. Finally, the bill is sent to the monarch to receive royal assent.

Current composition

Party Seats %
New Democratic 2 66.7
Conservative 1 33.3
Libertarian 0 0
Independent 0 0
Vacant 0 0
 Total 3 100%


Logo Name Ideology Spectrum Leader Parliament Cabinet
NDP New Logo Atovia.png New Democratic Party
Neue Demokratische Partei
NDP Social democracy Centre-left Connor Stumperth
Thomas von Bainbridge
1 / 3
7 / 11
CPA Logo Atovia.png Conservative Party
Konservative Partei
CPA Conservatism
Economic liberalism
Centre-right Erich Thaller
0 / 3
0 / 11
LGM Logo Atovia.png Left-Green Movement
Linksgrüne Bewegung
LGM Social ecology Left-wing Newton von Uberquie
2 / 3
0 / 11
Independents IND Various Various None
0 / 3
2 / 11

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