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House of Bieniak Betz

The House of Bieniak Betz ter Haar is the ruling house of the County ter Haar, the Barony of Bieniak, and the Lordship of Lochaber. All of those in the line of succession to the Count ter Haar and the Barony of Bieniak and/or are related to it by blood or marriage are members of the House of Bieniak Betz. The house has one order of merit, the Order of the Silver Lion.

House of Bieniak Betz ter Haar
Maison de Bieniak-Betz ter Haar (FR)
Huis van Bieniak Betz ter Haar (NED)
CountryNetherlands, Aigues-Mortes, United Kingdom
TitlesCount ter Haar
Baron of Bieniak
Lord of Lochaber
Lord of Glencoe
Current headCountess Barbara ter Haar
Founding27 September 2017
EthnicityBritish, French, Polish, Danish, Norwegian, German, Dutch



On 31 March 2017, the Lordship of Lochaber in Scotland were established to Knight Dylan of Bieniak, the son of Countess Barbara ter Haar. Then on 27 September of that year, the Barony of Bieniak was established by the government of the Principality of Aigues-Mortes. On the same day, the house was created. Currently, the house has three members that are citizens of Aigues-Mortes and another 12 active members, with a total of 15 official members of the house. Other non-active family members are also recognized. The Count ter Haar title has been in the family since 1770, with the first known holder as Count Joannes Henrici ter Haar I.


As of 27 September 2017, the official membership of the house is as follows:


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House of Bieniak Betz
Founding year: 2017
Preceded by
Lady Diane ter Haar
Ruling House of the County ter Haar
Ruler: Countess Barbara ter Haar

Since 13 May 2000
Succeeded by
Heir: Knight Dylan of Bieniak, Lord ter Harr
Preceded by
Barony Established
Ruling House of the Barony of Bieniak
Ruler: Baroness Barbara of Bieniak

Since 27 September 2017
Succeeded by
Heir: Knight Dylan of Bieniak, Lord ter Harr
Preceded by
Lordship Established
Ruling House of the Lordship of Glencoe and Lochaber
Ruler: Knight Dylan of Bieniak, Lord ter Haar

Since 31 March 2017
Succeeded by
Heir: Knight Kyle of Bieniak, Lord Vetter ter Haar