House of Amádeus-Ó Catháin

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House of Amádeus-Ó Catháin
Family Crest
Country Coleraine
Parent house House of Ó Catháin
Titles Prince/Princess of Ulster, Lord/Lady of Dungiven, King of Coleraine
Founder HCM Seán Amádeus
Current head HCM Seán Amádeus
Founding year 2009
Ethnicity Irish, Anglo-Norman

The House of Amádeus-Ó Catháin is the current Royal House of the Kingdom of Coleraine. It is a branch of the House of Ó Catháin which adopted the name Amádeus-Ó Catháin as a side effect of the Edict of Clonrise. The current head of the House of Amádeus-Ó Catháin is its founder Seán Amádeus , the reigning monarch over Coleraine (however, the overall head of the House of Ó Catháin, including the Amádeus-Ó Catháin branch, is Seán II, Chief of the Name Conchobhair).



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Cadet branch of the House of Ó Catháin
Preceded by
House of Ó Catháin
Ruling House of the Kingdom of Coleraine
2009 – present
Succeeded by