Hosamian Armed Forces

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Hosamian Armed Forces
Flag of the Armed Forces
Active April 18 2019 - present
Headquarters Kinhos
Commander-in-chief General Hosamulas
Army, Police
Military manpower
Military age 11
Total Personnel 2
Active Personnel 2
Reserve Personnel 0

It was originally used by the Principality of Hosamia to defend the Principality and work as police, now it does the same for the 2nd Principality, also known as the Ticronvidian Protectorate of Hosamia.


It is a really simple structure, where the general commands the army they control, if there are none, the soldiers decide the general.


Once Hosamia became a Protectorate of Ticronvidia, it returned to defend Hosamia and all of its forms

Current Armies

Only 1 army exist right now.

  • 1st Strategos led by Hosamulas