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{{Infobox nation 2 |name = Homestead Federal Repubic<br />
{{Infobox nation 2 |name = Homestead Federal Repubic<br />
Welsh: ''Tyddyn Gweriniaeth Ffeder'aal''
Welsh: ''Tyddyn Gweriniaeth Ffeder'aal''

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Homestead Federal Repubic
Welsh: Tyddyn Gweriniaeth Ffeder'aal


Pobl Tyddyn Gyda'r Byd
National Anthem of the Homestead Federal Republic
Herefordshire & New Radnorshire Counties, UK
Official language(s)Welsh, English
GovernmentTyddyn-ba'ath'ur Blaid (homestead-ba'athist party)
- PresidentE. Saunders
- Country CodesHFR (trigram)
LegislatureOne party state
Area claimed263 acres
CurrencyHFR dollar (symbolic)
Time zoneGMT

The Homestead Federal Republic is an micronation of 263 acres in the region of the border between Radnorshire (now Powys) in Wales and the Llanelli district of North Herefordshire, UK. It declared independence in 2010 and the presidency was taken by President General Saunders of the Homestead Ba'ath party (ruling since September 2011). Its population consists of 12 family members who live on the Saunders-Homestead compound, a highly secure compound.


The start of the HFR can be traced back to the year 1997 when the Saunders family bought an old farm just outside Leominster, Herefordshire and New Radnor (it crosses a border). Although initially only 4 people were living on the compound, eventually the rest of the Saunders family moved in making a total population of 12. J. Saunders then, with support, declared the compound an independent sovereign state as an effort to try and exempt the area from some of the UK's laws and regulations, his goals being self-determination and tax exemption. The compound has partially achieved some of these goals, such as explosives possession due to its remote location away from anyone who would object and tax on things like food as today the HFR produces around 86% of its own food, it also obtains its water from boreholes with a pump.

Government and politics

Military Junta - The HFR under the rule of the Alflaq and Knox brigades of the HFR's military. The junta was the government of the HFR from 4 January 2010 to 5 December 2010 when it was officially dismantled, although it had been in the process of being dismantled since August.

The Ba'ath Party under J. Saunders - The rule of the Homestead-Ba'ath party under President J. Saunders The Ba'ath party in the HFR was founded as a need for a political party in a hope that the HFR may be more widely recognised. The party was formed in the HFR by J. Saunders, a relative of incumbent President E. Saunders. The J. Saunders regime took power at 01:01 on 5 December and ruled sucsessfuly until 26 June 2012 when J. Saunders resigned from the post and took a position as ruling general of the HFR millitary in favour of E. Saunders, who took power the next day.

The Ba'ath Party under E. Saunders - The HFR under the rule of the Homestead-Ba'ath party under president E. Saunders On 27 June 2012 at 4:00pm, the current president, General E. Saunders of the Knox brigade, signed a document which legally made him the second and current President of the HFR.


The military of the HFR is rather small, with only 4 members. They all are part of the Saunders family living on the homestead. The HFR has 2 bolt action and 2 reloading rifles (Beretta 552 and Lee-Enfield), and also a shotgun and Browning Hi-power being among the arsenal. The arsenal is fully licensed under the UK's firearms laws with all documentation being held for mentioned items. Also among the equipment are homemade hand grenades made from torpex explosive and steel pipe. Mortars to fire were tested but the programme was concluded due to unsuccessful launches and the funding diverted to other projects.