Home Party (Garagstan)

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The Home Party
The hom e party.jpg
Party name The Home Party
Micronation Principality of Garagstan
Leader Kenny Harber
Established June 28th 2010
Ideology Friendship, Peace, Success, Progressivism
Political position Centre
Colours Dark Blue/Light Blue
Anthem Don't Worry be Happy

The Home Party is currently the Only Political Party in the Principality of Garagstan. The Home Party is run by current President Kenny Harber and his Vice, Jacob Folley. The Party was founded on June 28th 2010, the official Independence Day of Garagstan when Kenny and Jacob both decided Garagstan needed a different type of Government.


  • Leader: Kenny Harber
  • Deputy: Jacob Folley

The Home Party are very keen to have more members and have also said it would be even nicer if there was some competition.

Main History

  • June 28th 2010 - Newly Elected President Kenny Harber, and his Vice President Jacob Folley set up the Home Party.
  • July 16th 2010 - The Home Party unveils its new Logo and Kenny Harber signs the 'Parliament Forever' Document.
  • August 4th 2010 - The Home Party reveal plans to extend the Nation into the next street.
  • August 7th 2010 - Extension of Garagstan goes ahead.
  • August 28th 2010 - Jacob Folley's house is then included in the expansion.
  • October 1st 2010 - Home Party's MicroWiki page set up.

4 Pillars of The Home Party

There are 4 Pillars that the Home Party is built on and they hope they can achieve all of these for Garagstan and its Citzens. They are:
The 4 Pillars of The Home Party
  • Friendship
  • Success
  • Peace
  • Progressivism


There are 7 Seats in Garagstan:

  • Sofa City
  • Princes Gate
  • Princes Avenue
  • Elsden Chase
  • The Chase
  • North End District
  • Princes Field

...and The Home Party holds them all, (as they are the only Party).

Campaign Posters