Holy Order of Saint Michael

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Holy Order of Saint Michael
Свети Ред Арханђела Михајла (Serbian)

Flag of HOSM.png

"God and Our Faith is everything we have"

CapitalHyerosolima (de facto)

Official languagesAmharic

Official religionSerbian Orthodox Church

DemonymSt. Martinite

 • ArchevangelistPavle Nikolić

EstablishedJuly 2017



The Holy Order of Saint Michael, often shortened to HOSM, is a clerical order of monks belonging to the Serbian Orthodox Church. It is the main representative organization of Orthodox Christians in Nedland, of which there are about 20. It is also the main religious rival to Qaraguliyyah, a similar Islamic entity operating in Nedland. The HOSM operates out of Hyerosolima, Pavlograd, while also having roots in Pavlograd's Vojvodinac territories. Pavle Nikolic and Nikola Jovanovic are its two current disciples.