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{{Infobox nation
{{Infobox nation
|name              = Holy Empire of Guist
|name              = Holy Empire of Guist
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|domain            = (proposed) .guist
|domain            = (proposed) .guist
|calling_code      = +44
|calling_code      = +44
|notes              = ''This nation is disestablished''
|notes              =
|web                =  
|web                =  

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Holy Empire of Guist
Flag of Guist.png

"Micronationalism is Gay!"
Ya Mum Song
Map of Guist.png
Capital citySt. Mills
Largest cityNorth Guist
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Militant Islam, Methodist, Church of England, atheism
GovernmentGovernment of Guist
- LeaderShane Mills
- Second in commandAiden Robertson
Established11th November 2010
Area claimed1km²
Population50,000 (5 registered citizens)
CurrencyPound Sterling
Time zone(UTC)
National sportSnail Racing
National animalSnail
Patron saintSt. Mills

The Holy Empire of Guist (commonly refered to as Guist) was a non-serious micronation founded on 11 November 2010, as a successor to the Empire of St. Mills. It was disestablished on 7 February 2011, after the Treaty of Whitwell Road, which was signed in Reepham with Senyan President Barnaby Hands. The nation is officially dissolved, but sports teams still represent it in intermicronational events.


The Holy Empire of Guist claimed the village of Guist, a small village in Norfolk, UK, between Fakenham and Norwich.