Holy Empire of Boromia

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The Holy Empire of Boromia, or just Boromia for short, is a micronation founded the 20th April 2018. It is a monarchy with Emperor Hector I as the head-of-state while the prime minister, His Excellency, Jacob Bach Christensen, running most of the government. The national anthem is "Our Holy Motherland", with the melody from Johann Strauss II's The Blue Danube Waltz. The languages is Danish, English and Latin. Boromia has claimed areas in Antarctica, Denmark, Mexico and USA, but has only three residents living in the country. The other 12 residents lives outside Boromian claims.


The Boromian claims are: Vesterbrogade 174, 4th Floor Friisland Province (a portion of Antarctica) Valdemar's Land (a desert area in Mexico) New Kalmar (some of Nevada and Utah) Olivia's Land (southern Greenland) Aya's Land (Northwest Canada) Jacob's Land (Pieces of land in Siberia)