Baustralian Highway 6

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Holderton Road 40 shield

Holderton Road 40
Route information
Maintained by the Routes Office
Length0.7 km (0.4 mi)
Existed8 February 2018–present
Major junctions
South endHastings CR-2.svg Hastings CR-2 near Trenton, CA
Highway system

Holderton Road 40 is a road in the Province of Holderton. It connects Hastings County Road 2, formerly King's Highway 2, an Ontario county road, through Concord, ending in Cascadia.


Municipality Distance Exit Destination Notes
Baustralia—Canada border 0.0 m Hastings CR-2.svg County Road 2 Ontario road
Concord 140 m 1 Cortland Crescent
221 m 2 Holderton 40B.svg Road 40B To Concord Palace
315 m 3A McIntosh Crescent Ontario road
399 m 3B McIntosh Crescent
Cascadia 486 m 4A Liberty Crescent
570 m 4B Liberty Crescent
658 m 5 Liberty Crescent
701 m Road ends