History of Matachewan

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This page shows the complete history of Matachewan.


Early Days of Matachewan


Internal Struggles

First Parliamentary Division

Establishment of the First Militia

First Matachewan Civil War

The Great Inactivity

Proclamation of the 1st Kingdom of Matachewan

2nd Great Inactivity

1st Sejm Restoration

Inviting of Foreign Diplomats

First Population Boom

Proclamation of the Autonomous Principality of Matachewan

Matachewan-Nerdystanian War

Gilzem Scandals

Matachewan-Auvenese Conflicts

Battle of Gowganda

Robertson Sea Conflict

End of the Monarchy

Proclamation of the Commonwealth of Matachewan/2nd Kingdom of Matachewan

Matachewan-Usla Alliance

Louisianian Independence

Matachewan-Matachewan War

Exile of Owen Leski

Matachewan-Auvenese Friendship

First Matachewan-Uslan Commonwealth

End of the Commonwealth

Nationalist Matachewan

2nd Republic of Matachewan

Third Kingdom of Matachewan

Restoration of the House of Mierzwa

Groponigian Merge

Confederation of Matachewan

End of Confederation

Fourth Kingdom of Matachewan

Trial of Brandon Mierzwa and Peter Warren

1st Matachewanian Uprising

2nd Matachewanian Uprising

Proclamation of the Fifth Kingdom of Matachewan

2nd Population Boom

Suyash and Matachewan

Tablekitten and Matachewan

Aga and Matachewan

2nd Matachewanian Civil War

Proclamation of Lwow

Great Matachewanian Purge

Restoration of Brandon Mierzwa

The New Sejm

Proclamation of the Empire