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History of Domolica


History of Flags

The Republic of Dubnamia The Republic of Domolica The People's Republic of Domolica The Domolican Empire

It all started on July 27, 2013 when Domolica was first founded. Now, when Domolica was just a couple acres big, there were battles on and off. Untill the Domolica's constitution was put into place. The constitution has the highest order over Domolica; but it wasn't quite finished. It needed something to add laws onto the Constitution. This was when the 12 Placements were written. For this was when Domolica had it's first true peace. For a while Domolica was quiet, untill Kinderia declared war on us. They stated that they wanted their territory back. This resulted in a full on civil war. It lasted about a month and a half, but when all hope was lost, Domolica rose up, victorious. So after Domolica expanded it's territory the micro nation Fithnia wanted their territory back after signing a pact that would give us their panhandle excave. So of course Domolica faught back, this war lasted months, far from stopping. But one day out of the blue, Prime Minister Gabe Siwak signed a peace treaty, and it worked! In the end Domolica got Fithnia's panhandle.

The first Prime Minister of Domolica was Owen Eisenbath, the founder of Domolica itself. His term was from August 7, 2013 to August 7, 2014. He was known as a kind and loyal young man. The second Prime Minister of Domolica is Cameron Cockrill, who is known as a hero to the people. His term went from August 7, 2014 to August 7, 2015 The third Prime Minister of Domolica is Gabe Siwak, who is known for his bravery in the Second Kinderin Civil War. He also created the Domolican navy of 5 in the Missouri River. After that Domolica transfered to a Triocracy, a nation in which three entities have leadership over the nation. His term went from August 7, 2015 to August 7, 2016. After his term ended Domolica transfered into a triocracy, a nation where three entities have leadership over the nation. The three prime ministers are Max Bradlo, Aaron Humphrey, and Logan Mathews. Their terms went from August 7, 2016 to now.

There have been numerous wars in the history of Domolica. For example; the Kinderian Civil War happened over the span of August 17 to October 23. It was a miserable war that really nobody enjoyed being in, it snowed in September and rained hard in October. Another war Domolica faught in was the Fithnian War. The Fithnian war was one of the driest wars in Domolican history, it happened in August, temperatures reaching over 100 degrees farhenheit. The war went from August 20 to May 7, and every break you'd get you'd only have an hour or so to relax. The folowing weeks after the war, Domolica and Fithnia became allies. This started the Second Kinderian Civil war. This war was one of the shortest wars in Domolica's history lasting up to a week and a half. It started because Kinderia was transfering into an Inperialist micro nation and wanted territory from both Domolica and Fithnia. It lasted from Auguest 29 to September 8. When the war started the was a rebellion group formed in the southern part of the D.D.B. called "The Kinderian Rebel Group". While in the midst of the war the rebellion group was annexed into Kinderia. After the war ended the annexed territory was givin back to Domolica

Pagi was where Domolica was first founded, it was also the first capital of the nation. Pagi didn't even have a territorial name, it was just called "Dubnamia". It was founded on July 27, 2013. This is where the first political debates in Domolican history happened Prime Minister Owen Eisenbath debating with Kinderian Leader Keaton Kerr. When Domolica went through it first war in 2013, all the ballot paperwork was sent straight to Pagi. It was stressful to the employees because it was either one nation would say "yes war" and another would say "no war", then they would have to do the ballot all over again, and Domolica could barely afford it at the time. Stock market prices were low, Domolica's GDP growth rate was at only 3 percent, and the number of workers were low in Pagi. An concidering the fact that there were only about 3 to 5 troops stationed at Pagi at a time. Pagi's western boarder is reated by an unnammed creek. It's elevation varried from 575 ft. To 560 ft. Pagi was Domolica's second territory left behind. On June 14, 2017 Pagi was officially left behind by the Council of Domolican Brethren.

Todzou, Domolica's most revolutionized territory yet, used to be the most quiet of them all. Todzou was founded on August 2, 2013 and added about 250 people to Domolica's population. It was Domolica's second territory, and was the largest one at the time. In the beginning, Todzou boardered Kinderia on it's Southern border, It's western border is shaped by Crooked Creek, its Southern border is along I-94, while it's Eastern Border is shaped by O'Fallon road and the Wellington farms subdivision. Todzou made it's first expansion on June 21, 2014 when it purchased a small wooded area from Kinderia. This exclave was soon annexed into New Fithnia on September 5, 2016. There was peace after Kinderia bannished it's imperialist ways on September 8. The micro nations New Fithnia, Kinderia, Namartis, and Domolica formed a union called "The Union of Quad Republics". The Union of Quad Republics, or U.Q.R. lasted from May 23 to October 15, when Socialism was on the rise. One of the Prime Ministers Max Bradlo offered the leader of New Fithnia, Dylan Patterson, full protection from Kinderia if they decided to attack, he signed off on it. Next Max Bradlo offered the same deal to the leader of Namartis, Kaiden Tosto, he too signed off on it. Domolica had annexed Namartis and New Fithnia into nation-states of Domolica. No sooner than a week was there a rebellion, almost cutting Todzou in half with their new sovereignty. The Council of Domolican Brethren, or the C.D.B. decided to put matters into their own hands, when the Domolican Revolutionary Forces came in, Kinderia defended. The micro nations Castlio, Havershami, Weldonia, and Warrenia joined the battle against Domolica. Prime Minister Max Bradlo and Logan Mathews sent a letter to the leaders of Fithnia and Mohicani, informing them about this new war. After seeing this they joined the fight. It was now called "The The Great Socialist War". This war lasted 68 days, from October 16, 2017, to December 24, 2017. The war ended with Domolica and the rest of the capitalist forces surrendering. The Capitalist Surrender had a big impact on the nations that faught against Socialist nations. EVen after the war ended, there were still some rough tensions between Domolica and Kinderia. The Treaty of Todzou was created, stating that all land taken/annexed from other nations shall return to their original territorial bounderies. Any land not claimed by a micronation before the war, during the war, shall be kept. This died down the fire of hatred between the two nations, but didn't solve it.

      Months went by with silence; Until late March. Operation Delta was put into place. To take a Domolican Naval ship with a crew of 22 from New Orleans, to Cozumel, Belize City, and Roatan. It was successful at first. But it kept getting windier the more South they went. The naval ship was just getting close to Roatan, when winds exceeded over 50 mph, or 80 kph. So the naval ship had to go back to Cozumel before they headed back to New Orleans. The Domolican Navy ended up with 2 Territories in Mexico, and 1 in Belize. This was when Domolica changed it's flag, and it's name, to better suit it's attitude. The Domolican Empire claimed in 3 countries. And it's government plan to claim more. Some day...