History of Auvenum

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On 6 October 2018, the Kingdom of Auvenum seceded from the Aenderese Republic (formerly Republic of Aenderia) by Russell Gilzem, the former President of the Republic of Aenderia. After elections on 22 September 2018, Horatio Eden was elected as the Vice President. Allegations of voter fraud were imposed on Gilzem by Efton, who was later given a position with the ALC, the legislature of Aenderia. Efton's rumors led him to declare a charge against Gilzem, which put him out of office until trialed by a judge in Aenderian court.

After the trial, Gilzem was acquitted of the charge by presenting evidence which showed that there was no voter fraud present in elections. However, Eden was too lenient to let Gilzem back into office, and said that it required an ALC vote, despite earlier saying that the outcome of the trial would determine Gilzem's position. This created the first sparks of the independence movement.

There was a supposed election coming up in November, but as time passed, Gilzem began to lose hope. The current government had left a scar on Gilzem and his reputation, and polls were showing that only 30% of people supported Gilzem.

Gilzem later befriended a fellow micronationalist, Maximilian von Schroeder, who became Gilzem's running mate for the election. He was given the role to govern the Kir Islands which were once part of Aenderia at the time.

On 6 October 2018 Eden threatened to exile Maximilian, thus prompting him to secede the Kir Islands. Gilzem saw an open window, and closed down the capital buildings in the city of Jyilzyem and seceded from the country of Aenderia, once and for all. The two territories which have seceded came together to form the Kingdom of Auvenum.

Early History

After independence from Aenderia, Auvenum quickly established a monarchy under liberal rule. Gilzem, being the person at the top, made his family the Royal Family of Auvenum, and was de facto the Head of State. Gilzem established himself to be the Prince, and established a Prime Director role, which is the Head of Government. Gilzem made Maximilian von Schroeder as the Prime Director, and requested for a military to be made. He placed Jay Clover I as the Director of Defense/General of the military, and created base in three islands in the Robertson Chain.

Joshua Mullins, a key figure in Auvenese history, was made the Attorney General of Auvenum. Since then, Auvenum has been slowly progressing as a micronation,.

Gilzem Scandals

On 27 October 2018, Gilzem launched a plan to take back Aenderia. The plan involved taking the IP of William Efton and changing the MicroWiki to reflect on old standards and re-establish the Republic of Aenderia. Gilzem requested for Tom Kap of the People's Republic of Duke be the white sheep and execute the plan as a plaintiff. However, Tom Kap decided to turn his back on Gilzem and foiled his plan. Then began a series of conflicts. Gilzem later apologized publicly, announced he was wrong, and decided he would move on from Aenderia and focus more on Auvenum. He was forgiven by some, but not all.

A few weeks after the scandal, Auvenum and Duke's relationship began to improve, and on 10 November 2018, Auvenum was the first to formally recognize Duke as a micronational entity and established alliance.

Kir Islands Secession

After the Gilzem Scandals went public, former Prime Director Maximilian von Schroeder got angry and left in a fit, renouncing his position with the Auvenese government. However, it was announced over a week later that he would secede the Kir Islands from Auvenum, without a referendum. He began the Kingdom of Kivaria and established a constitutional monarchy. He claimed that the Kir Islands all belonged to him, and that Kir Islands were 100% Kivarian. Gilzem argued that once von Schroeder renounced his government and citizenship, he lost all power from Kir Islands. Gilzem attempted to strike a plea deal with Kivaria, by offering some islands in return to keep only a few. He began with offering two islands to Kivaria, and keeping the ones with military bases, such as Voka, Kinatoure, and Jir. von Schroeder refused, and kept on claiming that Kir Islands were 100% Kivarian, which has been proven factually incorrect. (Kir Islands had only one citizen at the time, but that citizen was von Schroeder and he has since left, renouncing his position. This left the Kir Islands uninhabited until recently when Auvenum began relocation programs to make way for congressional districts.)

In early November 2018, Gilzem struck a plea deal with Kivaria, offering the two uninhabited islands on top and the large island of Kir, whilst keeping Kinatoure and Voka. Schroeder initially refused, but Gilzem eventually convinced Schroeder to take the three islands. Kivaria and the Kir Islands have become two separate entities.

Fun Fact: Auvenese citizens refer to Kivaria as "Reich Kiyern" or "Mein Reich Kiyern," meaning "Empire of Kivaria" or "My Empire of Kivaria."

Kivarian Annexation

On 17 November 2018, it was discovered that Kivaria was inactive and vulnerable to any attacks. Kivaria did not respond to the recent bombings of Fort Clover, and was thus seen as inactive.

Early morning 17 November Auvenum pushed towards the island of Jir and took back the island under Auvenese regime. However, the island of Jir will not become a congressional district for the time-being due to the elections. There is need for only 5 seats (currently) and no use for any more until next year.

A few days later, Auvenum took back all the Kivarian isles, thus reuniting the country once again. Citizens celebrated the reunification, but are still in fear of the successor, Rhodesia.

On 3 December 2018, LBC (Lilylandian Broadcast Corp) reported on an alleged riot which took place in Kir Islands, Auvenum. It was later documented as being a farce as for it did not happen. This launched some backlash against Rhodesia and the LBC and its credibility.

Robertson Sea Conflict

Full page at Robertson Sea Conflict

The Robertson Sea conflict began during the Matachewan-Nerdystan War. How did it involve Auvenum, the reader may question?

Matachewan declared war on Nerdystan in October 2018, and Piotr Harniakiewicz reached out to Russell Gilzem for help. Gilzem immediately ordered for (fictional) forts to be built on the Kir Islands, near Nerdystan's only territory on an island. The plan (below) consisted of creating a belt around Nerdystan with Auvenese ships holding a sea brigade. Some ships were also sent to the west side in case of a flank by Matachewanese ships.

The plan of a belt around Nerdystan with Auvenese ships holding a sea brigade. Some ships were also sent to the west side in case of a flank by Matachewanese ships.

However, after the brigade was called to order in the Robertson Sea by the Prince, Aenderia felt threatened by the Auvenese brigade and immediately began politically attacking Auvenum.

Of course, Matachewan wasn't amused either. Over time, Matachewan conceded for the war and apologized by handing over one of their former provinces, Gowganda, to Nerdystan. Nerdystan refused but Auvenum occupied it for over a month.

Over time, Brandom Mierzwa of Matachewan abdicated in Matachewan and created a new country out of it; the Commonwealth of Matachewan. Over time, the former Matachewan dissolved and the Commonwealth asked Auvenum for Gogwanda back. Auvenum refused and said that occupation is only temporary.

Then came the 'Gilzem Scandals' where Prince Gilzem was accused in trying to IP snoop William Efton and Nick Randouler using Tom Kap as a plaintiff. The mission was eventually botched when Tom Kap betrayed Gilzem and defected to the other side. Gilzem was banned on MicroWiki for a week.

The Commonwealth of Matachewan ultimately began several assaults on Gogwanda to reclaim their lost territory. However, the Matachewanese Military was no match for the Auvenese military, and their several assaults in Gogwanda failed miserably until one day, Jay Clover sent the troops to assault the Matachewanese troops in East Montreal but failed miserably. The positions of the Matachewanese were broken, but the Matachewans ultimately disarmed the Auvenese troops. Shortly after, the Treaty of Timmins was signed, handing over Gogwanda back to Matachewan and ending the Matachewan Front.

However, after the Gilzem Scandals, Max Schroeder, the former Prime Director of Auvenum, resigned and left Auvenum. A week later, he announces that he will be seceding all of the Kir Islands, citing that the Kir Islands were 100% Kivarian and needed to be independent. This was factually incorrect, as for after Max Schroeder left, so was his Auvenese authority. Long conflicts ran dry, and attempts to give Kivaria certain islands failed. A plan was written up by Nicholas Milan, and it included giving part of Cyntell to Auvenum, yet Aenderia refused citing that Aenderia had nothing to do with this conflict. However Aenderia did support Auvenum during this time, stating that Kir Islands should be independent, but not use Auvenese territories.

Eventually, after countless times to make deals with Kivaria, Gilzem struck a deal with Max S, giving him three of the five islands in the Kir Island chain. The Kivarians deemed this conflict as the "War of Kivarian Succession," and was highly regarded as false propaganda.

The conflicts then quickly came to a close.

Resignation of Jay Clover I

On 21 December 2018, whilst Gilzem and Clover were both in school; Jay Clover and Gilzem came into their algebra class to notice that the teacher was absent, and sat next to each other. However, Jay yelled at Gilzem because he apparently "gave part of White Island to Aenderia." Gilzem was stunned since he did no such thing. He vehemently denied all allegations about that. However, what Gilzem did is give territory to a newfound republic named the Republic of Verus, territory on mainland Marine Park (where White Island is situated.)

(Map of Verus and Auvenum)

Map of Auvenum and Verus as divided by the Bepistan River

Thus, after Gilzem disproved Jay Clover's accusations, he began an investigation on Gilzem. His charges included:

  • Hate speech
  • Creating conflict to start conflict [what?]
  • Falsely accusing another leader for multiple charges
  • Invasion of privacy

(There may be a few more)

However, out of these charges, only one can be considered legible because the others are not justified in Auvenese constitution. Freedom of speech is justified, thus hate speech is considered void. The other charges are not justified constitutionally. In fact, Invasion of privacy is due to the Gilzem Scandals in October where Gilzem tried to IP snoop Aenderese officials. However, claims are not justified by the constitution but justified by Aenderese constitution. However, the Court of Madison (Auvenese judiciary system) focuses towards Auvenese laws.

In a response to the investigation, micronational leaders all disagreed with Jay's investigation, and even Aenderia expressed their support towards Gilzem in the investigation.

Later on, after all this, Jay Clover resigned as the Prime Director from Aenderia and the investigation was dismissed.

A day later, Jay won the elections in Aenderia and began proposing to "destroy Auvenum."

Clover's "Welcome Back"

On 1 January 2019, Russell Gilzem announced that Jay Clover will be the Prime Director until 19 January when the next elections will be held.

Some may speculate- why did Gilzem bring back Clover for another 19 days?

Clover's "resignation" was staged. However, Gilzem did not know of this. Clover left Auvenum and joined Aenderia as the new 8th HOE [House of Electors] seat. A few days later, on Christmas Day, Efton is toppled as the Vice President, and Lycon resigned and will take effect January 1. He returned to Gilzem with an apology and a plea.

There was a huge power grab after this new crisis in Aenderia erupted, with Nick R being first in line for the presidency. However, after torment from Efton and his "minions," Nick resigned, leaving Jay first in line for the presidency.

However, Jayden made a last-minute decision and made Milaw Oakforrest first in line for Presidency, making Jay the first Vice Presidential candidate.

On 1 January 2019, Jayden Lycon left Aenderia and Milaw became the new Presydent of Aenderia, alongside Jay. Jay also returned to Auvenum for another short term until the elections January 19.

First Auvenese Elections

On 19 January 2019, Auvenum held their first elections to appoint councilmen into Parliament to represent their regions, and also to ballot for the 3rd Prime Director of Auvenum (and first elected Prime Director of Auvenum.)

Prime Director Elections

Ethan Biles vs. Nicholas Randouler

Ethan Biles vs. Nicholas Randouler Balloting began in the morning of 19 January 2019 and ended later that day. After over 8 hours of balloting, the race for Prime Directory was done between Ethan Biles and Nicholas Randouler. Nicholas Randouler won that race by 55.6%, by a small margin of one vote.

Councilmen Elections

As of the elections, Auvenum was divided into 3 Parliamentary Districts:

  • Jyilzyem Districts: 1, 2, and 3 (now only 1 and 2)
  • Kir Islands Districts: Kinatoure and Voka.

However, the 2019 elections were for Jyilzyem Districts 1 and 2, and Kir Islands District Kinatoure.

JD1 The race was Ethan Bakman vs. Andy Eftin for district Jyilzyem 1. Ethan Bakman represented the party of LPA (Liberal Party of Auvenum) and Andy Eftin represented the EGMP (East German Meatball Party.) After a long and lengthy battle, Ethan Bakman won the vote by 66.7%, becoming the first councilman for the district, JD1.

Ethan Bakman vs. Andy Eftin

JD2 The race was KomradeDoge vs. Tony Sweigart for district Jyilzyem 2. KomradeDoge was independent and Tony Sweigart represented the LPA (Liberal Party of Auvenum). After a long and lengthy battle, KomradeDoge won the vote by 80%, becoming the first councilman for the district, JD2.

KomradeDoge vs. Tony Sweigart

Kinatoure The race was Tom Kap vs. Haeden Eden for district Kinatoure. Tom Kap represented the party of RCP (Republican-Conservative Party) and Haeden Eden represented the Independent Party. After a long and lengthy battle, Tom Kap won the vote by 100%, becoming the first councilman for the district, Kinatoure.

Tom Kap vs. Haeden Eden

Second Auvenese Cold War

On 7 July 2019, the monarch of Auvenum, Russell Gilzem, declared an absolute monarchy, firing the Prime Minister and the short-termed Deputy Prime Minister. The Fifth Aenderian Republic, or more commonly known in Auvenum as the FAR, immediately took legislative actions and unrecognized the Kingdom. This was seen as the spark of the Second Cold War.

On 17 July 2019, the Aenderese legislation passed 4-0, claiming that Auvenum is "rightfully Aenderese" on the grounds of which identified Auvenum as being "not sovereign" and was "illegally seceded" from the Aenderese Republic. The cherry on top was when the government charged Gilzem with three counts of "Violation of Free Speech Law," which all occurred in Auvenum. The charges were held up by Aenderia's rickety legislation. Thus, Gilzem employed Joshua Mullins to help with the case.

On 27 July 2019, Joshua Mullins called for a motion of dismissal of all charges, and after almost an hour of arguments in court, all the charges were dropped by the prosecution.


In the summer of 2019, the citizens of Auvenum were calling for the Prince to finish the long due constitution. The prince decided to take Auvenum to an absolute monarchy, and Auvenum quickly became inactive. In November 2019, Auvenum temporarily dissolved.