His Imperial Majesty Chanan

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His Imperial Majesty Chanan

Empress Mother
Assumed office
29 October 2018-Present
Emperor Emperor Pao
Prime Minister Prince Eun Jo
Regent of Emperor
Assumed office
2 October 2019-Present
Emperor Emperor Pao
Prime Minister Not
Personal information
Born October 5, 1983 (1983-10-05) (age 37)
Citizenship Flag of Thailand (2017).pngThai
Flag Huai siao.pngHuai Siao
Political party No political party
Residence Royal Palace of Huai Siao
Religion Protestantism
Signature His Imperial Majesty Chanan's signature

His Imperial Majesty Chanan Is the mother of Emperor Pao.Known as Chanan, he was one of the elders of the Huai Siao court, gaining popularity and respect from the people and the royal family. He is a very friendly and humorous person. Has a good mind and is easy to get along with others He was married to Prince Uthai.

Royal duties

Since the establishment of that kingdom He supports this action because See the children enjoying what they have created. And supports various government jobs As well as being the main pillar of the country His Highness always instructs Emperor Pao to become governor and to work in the house. Because He is a person with a very good spirit, He is always in love with his work.