Highland Expeditions

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The Highland Expeditions of 2019 was the name given to several expeditions on Highland Creek led by Jayden Lycon and organized by the Aenderian Coast Guard. It was the first expedition using the post-renovated SV Niantic.

List of expeditions

Expedition name Location Date Unit Description
First Highland Expedition State of Noyan, Overseas Territory of Point Cupertino
24 November 2019 2nd Coast Guard (Reserve) Battalion, Maple Protect
Testing water levels of Highland Creek to make sure if it is navigable.
Second Highland Expedition State of Noyan, Aenderia
Canso - Frontenac, Empire of Iustus
Nievenorte, Posaf
1 December 2019 Testing if Highland Creek is navigable during winter weathers, claiming land for Iustus and Posaf.
Third Highland Expedition Overseas Territory of Aaron Island
To be determined Testing if West Highland Creek is navigable during winter weathers.