High Bailiff of Hak'hanna

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High Bailiff of the Solidary
Bailiwick of Hak'hanna
Seal of Hak'hanna (2020).png
Great Seal of Hak'hanna
Vilicist Party Standard

Sepp Cervenius

since March 8th, 2020
StyleSeneschal of Susquehanna
The Honorable
(Formal, international affairs)
ResidenceHannock Embassy to the US
AppointerRatification of Inaugural Decree
Inaugural holderSepp Cervenius
FormationMarch 8th, 2020

The High Bailiff of the Bailiwick of Hak'hanna is the nation's head of state.

Duties and Functions

List of High Bailiffs of the Bailiwick of Hak'hanna