Herenolia Confederation

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Harenolia Confederation
Harenolian Union
Harenolia Confederation Flag.png

I love you Arizona

Headquarters TBD

Official language English

Membership 1

Secretary-General Charles Ross (Acting)

Key dates
Foundation 17 October 2021
Charter established TBD
Website Website
Discord Discord Server

The Harenolia Confederation (abbreviated to HC or HU), known alternatively as the Harenolian Union, is a regional intermicronational organization with the stated goal of representing and assisting all micronational states within the Harenolian (Kyberian) Sector (macronational State of Arizona). Based upon the intended functionality and purpose of the United Nations and other micronational contemporaries such as the Organisation of Active Micronations and Grand Unified Micronational, the HC aims to create an international forum where other micronations within Arizona can meet both virtually and in-person and a place where diplomacy, defense and trade can be discussed. Furthermore, another of the Harenolian Confederation's objectives is to assist in the creation and long-term sustainably of Arizonan micronationalism through helping other smaller and/or less developed micronations in he sector.


The name Herenolia Confederation comes from the work Herenolia which is a dirivitive of the Latin word for "sand". the term is sometimes used to discribe the geographical area that micronations in Arizona are based in. The name's usage dates back to late 2011 when the Empire of Emosia and the Tsardom of Phokland layed the foundations for an Arizona micronational sphere based around geographic similarity and for a title to be used which eliminates macronational political terms.



The Herenolia Confederation was founded by the Desert State of Raphistan in October of 2021 following the nation's push back into the micronational diplomatic sphere.







Flag Name Joined Notes
Territorial Land
Raph State Flag.png Desert Realm of Raphistan 17 October 2021 Founding member

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