Heptarchy (Arkonia)

The Heptarchy, more commonly known as the Arkonian Heptarchy, is a council of seven that takes over the government in the case of an emergency.


The Heptarchy was created as an emergency form of government on 12 March 2020. It was meant for if the coronavirus pandemic caused the government to collapse in some form. At this time, it has not been called yet.


The Offices of the members of the Heptarchy are:


A meeting can only be called if a national emergency has been declared. At that point, an executive (either the Monarch or Chancellor) will call a meeting of the Heptarchy. During a meeting, the Heptarchy may pass what are called Heptarchical Statutes, laws that supersede all other laws save the Constitution, for the duration of their meeting. A meeting lasts one hundred hours, and may be extended by a one hundred hour period five times renewable by the Heptarchy. After this point, another meeting of the Heptarchy may not be called for one hundred and sixty-eight hours. Congress may waive this wait time, however.