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Heimatian Colonial Empire

"Consume the Way"
"Fatherland, so Wide and Glorious"
Capital cityStuhlburg
Official language(s)English (unofficial)
Short nameHeimatia
GovernmentFederal Imperial Republic
LegislatureSupreme Council
Established25 October 2018
Area claimed494 acres
CurrencyHeimatian Mark (MK)
National animalPeregrine Falcon


Heimatia, officially the Heimatian Colonial Empire, is a North American micronation founded by Karl Frederick (born December 11, 2003) and Mark Terrace in the capital city of Stuhlburg near Dripping Springs, Texas. The Heimatian Colonial Empire has claimed itself a nation, but is not recognized (with the exception of micronational governments) by any national government nor by the United Nations.


The name 'Heimatia' originates from the German word 'Heimat", which means 'Homeland'.


Republic of Heimatia

The Republic of Heimatia was founded on 25 October 2018 together by Karl Frederick and Mark Terrace, who wanted to explore the concept of micronationalism and geopolitics. Heimatia was founded more as a joke nation, having its declaration of independence involving declaring independence from a mythical communist dinosaur nation known as Dinosauria.

The Republic of Heimatia was a one-party state, ruled by the Frederickist Party of Heimatia under President Karl Frederick, who served as the party's chairman.

First Heimatian Colonial Empire

On 22 February 2018, the Republic of Heimatia annexed the Constituent Colony of Guckonia, hence establishing the Heimatian Colonial Empire. Karl Frederick gained the new title of Imperial President, and the Heimatian Colonial Empire entered a new age of expansionism and imperialism.

The first Heimatian Colonial Empire existed until 30 June 2019 when Imperial President Karl Frederick stepped down from power, thus beginning an age known as the Age of Chaos.

Age of Chaos


United Republic of Heimatia and the United Heimatian Empire


Second Heimatian Colonial Empire

A new constitution was written, known as the Basic Law, which outlined the basic government structure of the new government. On 7 January 2020, Karl Frederick was elected to serve as the Supreme Chancellor of the Heimatian Colonial Empire.

The Second Heimatian Colonial Empire saw a restoration of a democratic government, the imperialist expansion of its borders, and rapid growth in population, and its ways of micronational warfare have been ditched.

Politics and government

The Governmnent is divided into three branches: the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branch. The Executive Branch consists of the Supreme Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and his/her cabinet. The legislative branch consists of the Supreme Council, which is Heimatia's unicameral legislature. The Supreme Council consists of 1 representative per province, to which the representatives are elected by the citizens of their respective province. The Judicial Branch consists of the Supreme Court, which consists of 3 Justices who are appointed by the Supreme Chancellor.

Law and order


Heimatia's law enforcement and spy agency is known as the Imperial Security Agency (ISA). The ISA was founded in October of 2019 and has been maintaining law and order in the Heimatian Colonial Empire ever since.

Foreign relations

In 2020, the Heimatian Colonial Empire entered into a friendly diplomatic relationship with the Kingdom of Ruritania, the Kingdom of Stratton, the Empire of Aeternia, and the Republic of Blazetopia.

In early 2021, the Heimatian Colonial Empire formed an alliance with the Commonwealth of Dracul.


The Heimatian Imperial Army consists of 3 branches, the HIA Ground Force, the HIA Firstline Corps, and the HIA Air Force.



Culture and media

Heimatia has one state-run news agency known as The Heimatian Herald, to which they post monthly newsletters and run the official Heimatian YouTube Channel.

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