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District and Earldom of Hawarden
  District of Essexia  
Photo of the Hawarden Parliament building


Motto: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
District Hawarden
Established 14 January 2018
 - Emperor Terry of Essexia
 - Earl Finn of Hawarden
 - Responsible Minister Interior Minister of Essexia
Elevation 112 m (367 ft)
Population (2020)
 - Total 6
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) (UTC±00:00)
 - Summer (DST) British Summer Time (BST) (UTC+01:00)

Hawarden is one of four significant districts within the Commonwealth of Essexia and one of the two within the province of Greater Danbury. Hawarden is the largest district of Essexia by land mass with it making up 11 of the 14 acres within Essexia. Hawarden is also the only district of Essexia to be directly linked to an Earldom, that being the Earldom of Essexia. Hawarden is also the home and residence of Earl Finn of Hawarden. The motto of Hawarden "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" has been admitted to be copied from the edge of the British two pound coin as Earl Finn has an interest in coins.

It has historically been one of the de jure meeting places of the Parliament of Essexia.


Emperor Terry enjoys his time in the Hawarden district.

Lord Finn proclaimed the creation of the Earldom of Hawarden consisting of his residence so he could use the title "Earl" in protest of the title "Lord" being used for members of the Essexian parliament in 2018, soon after the creation of Essexia. Finn was granted the ability to use the title of 'Earl' by Emperor Terry after Finn had informally been using it for many months.

Hawarden held host to the second day of the Danbury Conference, where Essexian leaders came together to rewrite the constitution and plan out parts of the future of Essexia. The "Provinces Act 2019" granted Hawarden as an official district of Essexia, within the county of Danbury and province of Greater Danbury. Hawarden hosted the Essexian parliament in the first physical meeting of the parliament for a parliamentary session.


LSC party logo

Hawarden is considered to be the heartland for the Liberal Socialist and Cooperative Party, as it was where the party was founded, and has reliably voted for the LSC ever since the party was founded. It is also the home and residence of Earl Finn, who is currently the LSC leader.

Politically, the Hawarden Building is seen as a meeting ground for diplomacy and discussion between various actors and parties within Essexia. This is best evident through the Danbury Conference, in which members of a variety of parties across Essexia led constructive talks without the venue proving bias for any one party. The benches on the outside of the structure also serve a symbolic purpose- as they were the location of photos taken of various founding politicians within Essexia.

Hawarden is also unique in its sheer size - boasting 11 acres. This feature has been admired by many of the attendants of both the second day of the Danbury Conference, as well as the Hawarden session (One of the only full Parliamentary sessions held in person.)

A few attendees reading through the newly written constitution for grammatical errors in the Hawarden district.