Harry Fitzpatrick

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King of Legabelden
Reign 30 June 2016 - present
Predecessor Stephen
Prince of Monovia
Reign 22 March 2017 - present
Predecessor Lydia Pass
Consort Andrew Creed
Full name
Harry James Fitzpatrick
House Fitzpatrick
Born 4 October
Chesterfield, United Kingdom
Occupation Student
Religion Zoroastrian

Harry Fitzpatrick (born 4 October) is a Sorrenian and Abeldane statesman and politician, currently serving as Chief Consul, Representative of Eurania and Media Minister. Harry was the leader of the Communist Party of the Sorrenian Federation from its foundation up until its merger into the Unified Sorrenian Workers Party on the 6th of January 2015. On the 12th of January he joined the NDLP. He is also the founder of Abelden's center-left ADU, as well as the Speaker of the Abeldane Parliament (as of the 13th of February). He was awarded with the Order of the Emperor Penguin on the 13th of February and made Duke of Johnstown the following day. As well as this Harry is also a Caesar and Imperial Knight of Austenasia.


  • Order of Puglisi (Burkland)
  • Navasso-Utopian ribbon
  • Imperial Knight of Austenasia
  • Caesar of Austenasia
  • Order of Sabovia
  • Order of Lenin (Tudovia)
  • Order of the Emperor Penguin