Harry B (Essexia)

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Citizen Harrison of Essexia
Official Cabinet Photo
Chancellor of the Exchequer
In Office
29 May 2019 - 30 July 2019
Predecessor Position created
Successor Earl Jack
Monarch King Terry
Appointed by Lord Jamie
Lord of Essexia
In Office
2 July 2019 - 30 July 2019
Monarch King Terry
Predecessor Earl Jack
successor Prince James
Personal information
Born 5 December
Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Citizenship Essexia
Nationality British
Residence Essexia
Occupation None

Lord Harrison was appointed the role of Chancellor of the Exchequer by Lord Jamie of Essexia on the 29th May 2019. He is renowned for his excellent abilities to handle finance, in addition to his remarks on current social situations and trends. He also provides a daily service on the official Essexia discord appropriately named "The Daily Meme", in which he and only he alone will upload one, or sometimes multiple, comedic images, before having his upload judged by the citizens of Essexia.

After little connection with his party, the Commonwealth Party of Essexia, Lord Harry sought to move, in addition to a preference to stay out of most political situations due to his lack of interest in the subject. Therefore, after the 2019 Essexian general election, Harry joined the Royalist Party of Essexia and assumed a seat in Parliament. He has thus brought a small wave of true centrist neutrality to the Government, which he had not been able to express before as a Crown Minister.

He resigned his position following the events of the Black Weekend and the 2019 Essexian general election; Being an impartial person, he was pushed away from the micronation by the drama of the preceding weeks. Today, he still provides advice and minor commentary on both Essexia and the wider micronational community, and enjoys doing so.