Harley C (Essexia)

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Crown Minister Harley
Essexia Harley.jpg
Official Cabinet Photo
Minister of the Interior
Assumed Position
9 July 2020
Predecessor Lord Matthew
Successor Currently holds position
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Lord Sam
Minister of Justice
In Office
3 June 2020 - 9 July 2020
Predecessor Crown Minister Jacob
Successor Earl Jamie
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Lord Sam
Junior Minister (MoJ)
In Office
26 April 2020 - 3 June 2020
Predecessor Position Created
Successor Earl Jamie
Monarch Emperor Terry
Appointed by Crown Minister Jacob
Personal information
Born 30 July
The North, United Kingdom
Citizenship Essexian
Nationality British
Spouse(s) Amy Cracky (m.2019)
Residence The North
Occupation Minister of the Interior

Crown Minister Harley is the Minister of the Interior in the Commonwealth of Essexia. He was appointed to his position on the 9th of July 2020 by Lord Sam.


Harley first became active in Essexia between April and May 2020, after a period of relative peacefulness and during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a student of law, alongside Crown Minister Jacob and Lord Jack, he developed an interest in developing the nation's legal and legislative systems, prominently displayed by his work in the Essexian Legislative Review. His first solo Bill, the Brothels Act 2020 (presented by Emperor Terry on behalf of the Junior Minister), displayed his ability at creating and passing clear, effective and original legislation, a skill no doubt aided by his close cooperation with Crown Minister Jacob.

Harley was made Minister of Justice on the 3rd of June 2020 after Crown Minister Jacob moved to the position of Supreme Judge. As his first action as Crown Minister Harley created the Delegated Legislation Act 2020. On the 20th of June 2020 Harley named his Junior Minister as Earl Jamie to assist in the creation of a fuller and more efficient judicial system.

On the 9th of July 2020 Harley was appointed the role of Minister of the Interior replacing Lord Matthew. As such he resigned as Minister of Justice then being replaced by Earl Jamie.


On the 21st May 2020 Harley was awarded the Jack Cross by First Minister Jamie for showing exceptional levels of commitment and hard work in constructing the Legal Essexian Database and preparing to create the Law Commission.


As part of the Ministry of Justice Harley has co-written two prominent pieces of legislation, the Legal Essexian Database Act and the Law Commission Act. As well as these he has also written the Brothels Act which legalises the creation and running of Brothels within Essexia. He has also written the Delegated Legislation Act that adds the law making system and allows for a secondary form of legislation to be created that does not go through parliament and so saves time but only minor changes can be made and this does not take away from parliamentary sovereignty.

Junior Minister Harley's Legislation
Bill Pass/Fail Date of Assent Notes
Legal Essexian Database Act Passed 27 April 2020 Advocated by Earl Finn
Law Commission Act Passed 28 April 2020 Advocated by Lord Ben
Brothels Act Passed 22 May 2020 First solo act
Delegated Legislation Act Passed 17 June 2020
Digital Crime Act Passed 4 July 2020
Bollock Cam Act Failed 9 July 2020
Total: 6 Documents 5 Passed | 1 Failed