Harcourt Princely Commission

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General Assembly of the Prinicpality of Harcourt
Coat of arms harcourt.JPG
HousesGeneral Assembly
President of the General AssemblyOffice Vacent
Political groupsNon-Partisan
Voting systemChosen by territorial politicians
Last electionNone
Meeting place
Fort Swartz

The General Assembly is the Legislative branch of the Principality of Harcourt. It was established with the first Constitution of the Principality in February 2012. In its Constitution of the Principality, the assembly has complete legislative authority and the executive branch requires its approval before actions can be made. 

Harcourt flag 2012.JPG

Harcourt in General

Constitution of the Principality of HarcourtHarcourtic Commonwealth
CurrencyHarcourt GuardFlags of Harcourt

Politics of Harcourt

The PrinceThe ChancellorHarcourt Princely Commission

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