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Handspuppet (pronounced: hands-puhp-et-ting) is a micronational term to describe a sockpuppet, mainly those created by Barnaby Hands of Senya, whom the term is named after.. The term is mainly used in the MicroWiki Sector.

First Use

The First Use of the term 'Handspuppet' was used by Quentin I of Wyvern in an OAM membership application from DES Senya. The word before this had been sockpuppeting, but due to the high amount of sockpuppets produced by the president. The term was quickly adopted by the rest of the community.

Current Usage

The term 'Handspuppet' had been used widely around the micronational community. For Example, in March 2010, the term was used as a category for the first Schneider Awards, in which the Senyan president won. A couple of issues of various Microball magazines have also used the term.


  • Handspuppeting - To describe a person or country who keeps on sockpuppeting, or comitts on numerous occasions.
  • Handspuppeter - A person who sockpuppets.

Handpuppeted nations

Nations created out of the Handspuppeting.

Flag Nation
65px República de los Dioses del Sol Azteca
  Risoul 1850
  Free State of Mulaverno and Pretsopia
  West African USSR   Facist Republic of Sao Sebastiao

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