Hamilton Federation

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Flag of the Hamilton Federation

The Hamilton Federation is a nation in the Great Lakes region of North America. It borders the nations of Canada and the United States of America.


The Federation is a formal merger between several districts. As such, it forms a federal republic.

  • The President is the formal head of state for the Federation. He or she has the power to declar war, declare state of emergency and veto bills in Parliament, although they may not create bills of their own.
  • Each district provides a member of parliament. Members of Parliament may create new bills and vote on the fait of said bills.

The Federation is a free market country, although there are socialist elements, particularly within South Hamilton. It's official currency is the Canadian Dollar, as it has been realised that no micronation can hope to compete with macronations economically.


  • South Hamilton District (Capital)
    A map of the City of Hamilton, showing North Hamilton District and South Hamilton District in Blue


The Districs are currently in a state of economic and military alliance, but lack national unity. Patriotism is relatively high, although most citizens feel more loyalty to their district then to the central government.

Similary, by-partisan conflict is high. The leading political parties are largely divided between the districts, a problem which must eventually be addressed.

Political parties: