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  Hjalsk Territory  
Country Jarldom of Hjalvik
District Carfold
Established 30 August 2020
 - Type Jarldom
 - Jarl Jarl Juvan Haugr
 - Jarl Jarl Keaghan Bjarni
Population (2020)
 - Total 0
Time zone GMT

Hamarsey is the island capital of the Jarldom of Hjalvik. The territory is located in the district of Carfold, and has a permanent resident population of 0, due to its small size. The island is considerably rocky, and is accessed by stepping over a natural rocky causeway at low tide. When the tide is high, the Hjalsk Navy operate ferry services to and from the island.


The name ‘Hamarsey’ comes from the island’s unique geography, meaning ‘island of craggy rocks’ in Hjalsk.


Hamarsey was the first territory officially declared by Hjalvik, and was claimed on 30 August 2020. On 5 September 2020, Hamarsey was originally agreed to be handed over to the United Kingdom, along with Mykilsker, but on 6 September, the decision to hand over Hamarsey was revoked.


The geography of Hamarsey is rather unique. The island is small and rocky, although it changes size depending on the tide. At low tide, the island is larger by only a few feet, and fully accessible via the rock causeway. At most high tides, and island is accessed by stepping across a narrow channel of water, but when the tide is exceptionally high, ferries will be provided to reach the territory.