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Hot Lads Soviet Socialist Republic
Hssrflag may.png
Coat of arms of the USSR.png
Coat of arms

"My blood is red, and my heart is on the left."
The Internationale
The Proletarian's Plight

HSSR map.png
HSSR claims in dark green
Capital cityRiver Crane Territory
Official language(s)English, Russian
Official religion(s)Atheism, Christianity, Islam
Short nameHSSR
DemonymHot Lad/y
GovernmentSocialist Republic
Established6th September 2019
Area claimed3.7km²
Population43 (as of 11th May 2020)
CurrencyPound Sterling
Time zoneUTC
National sportChess


The HSSR, officially the Hot Lads Soviet Socialist Republic, and also formerly known as the Hugel, is a British micronation landlocked within Greater London. It succeeded the Democratic Republic of Baguetteland and Hugel Republic after a civil war.


The name Hügel was created in early 2019 and it comes from the German word "Hügel" which means hill. The name Hot Lads was brought up in mid-2019 before the HSSR. The name of the nation was HLSSR, an acronym for Hot Lads Soviet Socialist Republic, however it was quickly shortened to HSSR.


The Democratic Republic of Baguetteland was founded by 2 men in August 2017, the Democratic Republic of Baguetteland fell in late 2018.

Politics and government

Seven people in the politburo, they decide laws and major events in the HSSR.

Geography and climate

River Crane Territory

Has a temperate oceanic climate, with mild summers and cool winters.