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{{Infobox nation
#REDIRECT [[Hot Lads Soviet Socialist Republic]]
|name              = Hügeli Soviet Socialist Republic
|image1            = [[File:Flag_of_The_Soviet_Socialist_Republic_of_H%C3%BCgel.png|150px]]<br><center>Flag</center>
|image2            = [[File:Coat_of_arms_of_the_USSR.png|120px]]<br><center>Coat of arms</center>
|motto              = "Equality, not frivolity."
|anthem            = ''The Internationale''<br><center>[[File:Internationale_orchestral_arrangement.ogg]]</center>
|location          = [[File:HSSR_map.png|276px]] <br> HSSR claims in dark green
|capital            = River Crane Territory
|largest_city      =
|languages          = [[w:English language|English]], [[w:Russian language|Russian]]
|religions          = [[w:Atheism|Atheism]], [[w:Christianity|Christianity]], [[w:Islam|Islam]]
|shortname          = HSSR
|demonym            = Hot Lad/y or Hügeli
|government        = [[w:Socialism|Socialist]] [[w:Republic|Republic]]
|head of government =
|head of state      =
|3rd_h              =
|hog_name          =
|hos_name          =
|3rd_h_name        =
|legislature        = Politburo
|type_a            =
|type_b            =
|seats_a            =
|seats_b            =
|election_a        =
|election_b        =
|established        = [[6th September 2019]]
|area              = 3.7km²
|population        = 43
|population_notes  = (as of 11th May 2020)
|currency          = [[w:Pound Sterling|Pound Sterling]]
|time_zone          = [[w:Coordinated_Universal_Time|UTC]]
|nat_sport          = Association Football (Soccer)
|nat_animal        =
|pat_saint          =
|domain            = .su
|calling_code      = +44
|notes              =
|web                = https://hssr.su
The '''HSSR''', officially the '''Hügeli Soviet Socialist Republic''', and also  known as the ''' Hot Lads Soviet Socialist Republic''',  is a British [[micronation]] landlocked within the city of [[London]]. It succeeded the '''Democratic Republic of Baguetteland''' after it fell due to instability and multiple anti-government groups which tried to topple government control.
== Etymology ==
The name Hügel was created in early 2019 and it comes from the German word "Hügel" which means hill. The name Hot Lads was brought up in mid-2019 before the HSSR. The name of the nation was HLSSR, an acronym for Hot Lads Soviet Socialist Republic, however it was quickly shortened to HSSR.
== History ==
The '''Democratic Republic of Baguetteland''' was founded by 2 men in August 2017, the '''Democratic Republic of Baguetteland''' fell in late 2018 due to instability and disagreements throughout the government and people. It was soon replaced with a socialist government which 7 people would govern the country.
== Politics and government ==
Seven people in the politburo, they decide laws and major events in the HSSR.
== Geography and climate ==
[[File:RCT1.png|thumb|left|River Crane Territory]]
''Has a temperate oceanic climate, with mild summers and cool winters.''

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