Groponigën Clique Party

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Groponigën Clique Party
Party LeaderGjöl Lagerkvist
Founded20 October 2018
Membership  (2019)6


Political positionFar Right
Official colors     Groponigën Red
4 / 18

The Groponigën Clique Party is a party in Groponigën. It was founded on the 20 October 2018 as the Birbland Clique Party, its leader became Birbrul Chirp. The Greater Clique party was soon merged into it. Early on it was a pro-immigration, pro-birb-rights, fascist party. Because of its pro-birb and pro-immigration stance many considered it a proxy party for the Fascist Birblands state. This eventually got taken to court and due to not enouh evidence being provided was dismissed. Eventually it started to moderate its views, styling itself Nationalist instead of fascist and started to more closely regulate immigration. On the 5th of Febuary party leader Birbrul Chirp got elected prince-minister in a landslide. He made history in being the first non-Monarchists United prince-minister. He however lost the PM-ship on the 28 February to Gunnar Håkansson in a landslide. On the 10 March Gjöl Lagerkvist was appointed party leader uninanimous. On the 17 March a new faction formed in the GCP lead by Il Duce, it was staunchly fascist and gaining the support of the new party leader Gjöl Lagerkvist pushed the party far to the right. Eventually Il Duce resigned from the GCP and renounced his citizenship due to his distaste for the nations politics, however, his advocacy for a more hard-line fascist GCP left lasting inprints into the party.

Election results for Reichstag

Reichstag Results
Reichstag 3
3 / 13
Reichstag 4
6 / 13
Reichstag 5
2 / 13
Reichstag 6
4 / 18

Election results for PM with the GCP

PM-election October 21

Candidates Result
Nolan Steady, MU 43.75%
Dan Gin, GP 25%
Deadset Oakforrest, GCP 18.75%
Funt Gaming, LP 12.5%

PM-election November 15

Candidates Result
Gunnar Håkansson, MU 53.8%
Dan Gin, GP 30.8%
Deadset Oakforrest, GCP 15.4%

PM-election Febuary 4

Candidates Result
Birbrul Chirp, GCP 77.8%
Zesty Sitronu, MU 22.2%

PM-election Febuary 4

Candidates Result
Gunnar Håkansson, MU 73.3%
Birbrul Chirp, GCP 26.7%