Green Party of Seybold

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Green Party of Seybold
FounderCooper Norfolk
Founded8 September, 2018
HeadquartersNew Springfield, Federal District of New Springfield
IdeologyMarijuana Rights Protection, Environmentalism, Democratic Socialism, and Equality
Political positionLeft-wing
Official colorsGreen

The Green Party of Seybold is the oldest Political Party of the Democratic Republic of Seybold.


2018 High Election

Presidential Candidate Cooper Norfolk was a member of the the Marijuana Rights Protection Party of Seybold and won the election under the party by 100%.

Name Change

On 15 October, 2018, Party Chairman Cooper Norfolk changed the name of the political party from the Marijuana Rights Protection Party of Seybold to the Green Party of Seybold.


The Green Party of Seybold’s symbols are a giant green G, 2 Trees, and a Cannabis Leaf colored Light Green.

List of Party Presidents

Leader Image Previous position Took Office Left Office
Cooper Norfolk Cooper Norfolk.jpeg None 8 September

Electoral results

Election year % of overall vote
2018 High Election 100.0%