Greater European Pact

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Greater European Pact
TypeMilitary Alliance
HeadquartersFenaria, Principality of Tomeone
Commissar of GEUPMarco 1° Fossati


The History of the GEUP comprends different ups and downs, it started the 30th of April 2019 and originally made by The Republic of Wexford, the Principality of Tomeone and the Baronato di Olislelia, the main purpose was to go againist the Principality of Ledilia, after a while The Republic of Wexford decalred war on Ledilia which ended the 18th of May 2019.

General Purpose

The GEUP (or Greater European Pact) is a military type alliance, the members are the Principality of Tomeone, The Republic of Wexford, Baronato di Olislelia and at last the Principality of Ledilia, this four micronations are weld togheter and currently focusing on the future of the micronations, most part of wars are in real life or on Roblox, if not then on other games.

Ledilia's kick

Ledilia the 18 June 2019 has been kicked after a meeting on the Roblox palace with all the representant but not Ledilia, Repubblica democratica di Luxe, Principality of Tomeone, Baronato di Olislelia, The Republic of Wexford took part with possible seeking of Luxe's join.

The Luxe's Join

The Democratic Republic of Luxe joined the Greater European Pact after a revoation for Ledilia's join which was lost 2-1 for Ledilia, Luxe joined and took Ledilia's spot, Ledilia has recently started relations with Luxe.