Greater Baddow

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Greater Tytannia

Province of the Commonwealth of Essexia
CapitalEmperors Residence (de facto)
Founded26th Decemeber 2017
Area2 acres
GovernmentParliament of Essexia
Earl Jack of Molrams

Greater Baddow is one of the two provinces in the Commonwealth of Essexia. It is the most populated province in the country, with 54 residents, as well as being the smallest; with the territories amounting to only 2 acres, it has a high population density of around 1 person to 150m².

Its name is derived from the English village in which it is located, Great Baddow. It contains the only military base in Essexia, Fort Morris, as well as the Emperors Residence and the Danko House. |The Emperor lives in the province.