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Qoroltay of Nedlando-Khorașan
Khural Emblem.png
Khagan-Shahanshah Ali Haydar Khan, None
Grand Vizier Ned Greiner, Labour Party
Members 16
Qoroltay voting system n/a

The Qoroltay, previously known as the Khural, Great Khural Great Kurultay or Kurultay, is the parliamentary body of the Empire of Nedlando-Khorașan. It is mainly a body which proposes bills and has those bills pass through Parliament, with an ultimate say from the Khagan-Shahanshah, currently Ali Haydar Khan. Qoroltay means roughly "conference" in Mongolian, and qoroltays are also installed in the macronation of Mongolia and the Russian republics of Tuva and Buryatia.

The Qoroltay is planned to have 16 members after the elections in September.

Represented political parties

Logo Party Abbreviation Coalition Leader Stance Seats
Logo of the LPN.png Labour Party of Nedland LPN Left Ned Greiner Social democracy 5
Workers.jpg Vanguard Party V Left Cianan Marxism 2
Classical Liberal Party CLP n/a Emiel Hardy Classical liberalism 1
СРА.png Clerical-Monarchist Party CMP n/a Pavle Nikolić Orthodox Christian interests, nationalism, clericalism 1
Noflag.png Independents IND n/a None Various 2