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| place      = [[Des Plaines Valley Sector]]
| place      = [[Des Plaines Valley Sector]]
| result      =
| result      =
| combatant1  = '''[[Urraca Pact]]''': <br> [[File:Flag of Rodentia.svg|23px|border]] [[Rodentia]] <br> [[File:New German Flag.jpg|23px|border]] [[New Germany]] <br> {{*}}[[File:Ally militia flag.jpg|23px|Border]] Alley Militia <br>{{*}}[[File:Sakaki clan flag.jpg|23px|Border]] [[Sakaki clan]] <br>[[File:Philmont flag.jpg|23px|border]] [[Philmont]]  
| combatant1  = '''[[Urraca Pact]]''': <br> [[File:Flag of Rodentia.svg|23px|border]] [[Rodentia]] <br> {{*}} [[File:Flag of the terrorist Kapreburg flag.svg|23px|border]] [[Followers of the Holy Morris]] <br> [[File:New German Flag.jpg|23px|border]] [[New Germany]] <br> {{*}}[[File:Ally militia flag.jpg|23px|Border]] Alley Militia <br>{{*}}[[File:Sakaki clan flag.jpg|23px|Border]] [[Sakaki clan]] <br>[[File:Philmont flag.jpg|23px|border]] [[Philmont]]  
'''Diplomatic support''':
'''Diplomatic support''':

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Great Des Plaines Valley War
A Weg Marine aiming am automatic airsfot rifle at a building where Rodentia troops are held.
Date5 March 2021 - present

Urraca Pact:
Flag of Rodentia.svg Rodentia
 • Flag of the terrorist Kapreburg flag.svg Followers of the Holy Morris
New German Flag.jpg New Germany
 • Border Alley Militia
 • Border Sakaki clan
Philmont flag.jpg Philmont

Diplomatic support:

PontuniaflagNew.png Duchy of Pontunia

Liberation Coalition:
Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Wegmat
Pucs.jpeg Chaveleir Union
Flag of Ponderosa Hills.svg Ponderosa Hills
Tesforia Flag.png Tesforia
Flag of Macedonia.png New Macedonia

ULF.jpeg United Labour Front

Diplomatic support:
UDCTC logo.svg UDCTC[a]
SaspearianFlag.jpg Saspearian[1]
New Empire Of Greater Bradonia Flag.png Empire of Greater Bradonia
Flag v2.png The Free Nation of New Athens
New Flag of Cimbrun.jpg Cimbrun

BonumlandFlag.png Republic of Bonumland
Commanders and leaders

New German Flag.jpg Vladimir Baruh
 • Border Lav
 • Border Sacaiv
Flag of Rodentia.svg Edward Oaches
Flag of Rodentia.svg Jack O’rav
Flag of Rodentia.svg Channing
Philmont flag.jpg General Sebastian Gustavo
Philmont flag.jpg Bull

PontuniaflagNew.png Andrew I

Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Vincent C.
Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Cole Baird
Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Xander B.
Flag of the Federal Union of Wegmat.svg Landis Y.
Pucs.jpeg Molakadoy
Pucs.jpeg Monterry Euclid
Flag of Ponderosa Hills.svg Leon Montan
Tesforia Flag.png Brennan Sullivan
Flag of Macedonia.png Samuel the Great

SaspearianFlag.jpg Anthony I
New Empire Of Greater Bradonia Flag.png Brady Griffin
New Monmarkian Imperial Standard.png Alexander I Constantine
New Flag of Cimbrun.jpg Alexander I Irikladis

BonumlandFlag.png Isabella I
9 infantry troops
5 ships
4 Aircraft
8 infantry troops
6 ships
5 aircraft
Some names are pseudonyms.

The Great Des Plaines Valley War or the Weg-Rodentian War is an ongoing war between anti-imperialist Liberation Coalition against the imperialist Urraca Pact. The war began when Edward Oaches, Jack O’rav and a group of mercenaries overthrew the Rodentian Government and military. The mercenaries and the standing Rodentia military became part of the Empire’s Armed Forces.


Edward Oaches in early 2021 threatened to invade territories in the Rainbowlands in April. He was known as the Mud Guy as Edward was the CEO of the Des Plaines River Company. On 5 March Edward led a coalition of militants and former terrorist, Jack O’rav to the Rodentian Federal Center in Sunrise, Rodentia. The president of the Republic of Rodentia, Sinlo Chambel was evacuated to Prarik then later Two Pine.

Immediately after the coup Edward required that all citizens would have to join the Rodentian Imperial Army and that all current G.I. were to be deployed to Bobbygrad or defensive positions.


Siege of Bobbygrad

Rodentian forces held up in a building.

On 6 March Rodentian forces infiltrated into Bobbygrad and took positions in a building in the north. New German troops took defensive position directly outside of the building, Weg and New Macedonian forces arrive soon later.

The fire fight lasted very short as the Rodentians ran out of ammunition and left the building. Knowing that the unit was likely to meet with another unit a platoon of the Wegmat Marines was sent to check all streets in Bobbygrad south of their position. The platoon reported all streets were clear.

However forces of the Rodentian Imperial Army met directly north of Fort Priory. The Alley Coalition forces took positions east of Rodentian forces. The 1st Armored Division of Wegmat opened fire with machine gun airsoft fire. A platoon was sent north to flank the enemy. A cease fire was called when Alley forces reached around 25 feet from the Rodentians. The Rodentians agreed to retreat.

Invasion of Hilda

The next day Rodentia formally declared war on Wegmat and invaded the Isadora area in Hilda. Alley forces were stationed at the bottom of a railroad that Rodentia used for their invasions. The Alley forces opened fire and Rodentia retreated. Police from the United States were dispatched to the loaction which caused all the forces to retreat.


Weg Marines defending Huppert Canyon.

On 19 March 2021 Rodentia launched an operation with new allies of the Philmont Confederation. The first goal of the operation was to capture the Rainbowlands and cut off the main supply route to the northernmost provinces in Wegmat.

Battle of the Bay

Rodentian Forces crossed sunrise bridge and captured the intersection between Wegmat Route 4 and Provincial Road 10. They also capture the Port of Hilda with little resistance. By this time the Wegmat 2nd Infantry and 1st Armored division were en-route towards Evansville. Intelligence suggested that the Rodentian forces would take the Hilda Highlands to make it impossible to supply the northern territories on Weg transportation infrastructure.

Both sides met at Huppert Canyon and a battle began. The Rodentian Army was unable to advance and held out on the south rim of the Canyon. The Rodentian retreated to Provincial Road 11 and are still stationed there.

Battle for the Rainbowlands

A Ponderosan soilder defending Rainbowlands County. (Top) A Chaveleir solider in Aenopian Potawatomi assisting in defense efforts. (Bottom)

Immediately after the battle for the bay a Joint operation between the 1st Calvary Division of Rodentia and Foreign Legion of Philmont invaded a Nichensburgian territory and continued the invasion through territories of Saspearian, Tesforia and Paloma. It reached the Lawrence line in 30 minutes. Lieutenant General Bull of the Philmont Army was given command of the rest of the operation. The Rodentian and Philmontian armies were split into two. The Rodentian army headed north west through Begonian and Monmarkian territories while the Philmontian Amry went through an international territory towards Aenopian Potawatomi. Both armies invaded in different direction simultaneously are would cross the Des Plaines River through the Chaveleir Union to invade the Ponderosian Territory.

At this time people in the PUCS were voting on weather or not to declare war against Philmont and Rodentia. Troops were being deployed towards the border to defend Aenopian Potwatomi. Both war declarations were passed by the People and the troops crossed the border. The Chaveleir unit had to retreat from heavy resistance of the invaders.

The Joint army entered Rainbowlands Country of Ponderosa Hills with heavy resistance. The Invasion had to stop, Rodentian forced moved south into the P.U.C.S. to encircle Rainbowlands. They reached the Catherine Commune where they were stopped at a trenched division of the Chaveleir Army.

Rodentia and Philmont have agreed that Rodentia will occupy all territories south of the Lawrence line and that Philmont will occupy all of the territories north of the Lawrence line.

The Siege of Bobbygrad ends

Alley militia members backed by Rodentia officially stopped fighting on 25 March 2021 however a group named the Sakaki clan militia men did not. No fighting happened other than domestic riots. On the same day Alley leader Lav and Vladimir Baruh negotiated peace, the final deal was that New Germany had half control of the city and another half that was independent. This didn't satisfy Sakaki clan Leadership who vowed for victory. On 1 April 2021 passed an act that disregarded the previous peace deal. On 7 April 2021; Sacaiv and Vladimir Baruh disused a peace deal that Sacaiv liked and fighting officially ended. The two groups mentioned however do still feel anti-Weg and are planning an offensive against Wegmat as a whole rather than the entire Allied force.

Empire of New Germany reformed

Vladimir Baruh talking to a New German solder.

On 9 April during a diplomatic visit of the Weg Prime Minister Cole Baird, Vladimir Baruh announced that the Empire of New Germany would be reformed. Negotiations immediately began between the two leaders, going nowhere. The Wegmat Authority deemed in necessary to evacuate the Prime Minister from Bobbygrad. The New German Autonomous Province’s Military was de jure dissolved by the Weg Military, however the highly supported empire had already organized a new military. Weg forces were evacuated from Fort Priory to defensive positions northwest of Westerwald and directly East of Bobbygrad Airport. With New Germany entering the war for the Urraca Pact Weg military officers worry losing their largest arms supplier.

Current Situation

The Weg cities of Silver Low, Key Tinalè and Foxtrot are occupied by Rodentian forces. The Rainbowlands south of Lawrence Avenue are occupied by Rodentia and north are occupied by Philmont. Rodentian backed and New German militias hold the city of Bobbygrad a critical economic, industrial and cultural location of Wegmat. Negotiations between UDCTC and the Urraca Pact have reportedly not gone anywhere.

International Response

I, His Holy and Royal Majesty, The King of Begon and the Bruins, as Ordained by God, with great sadness now declare that the territory Davidstadt, ruled by HSH The Prince of Kaltmark, forever faithful to The King, will be ceded to The State of Illinois, not the United States, but The State of Illinois, following the international conflict surrounding and in the area.

— HHRM, Christoph I, King of Begon

This so called war is saddening. Why do people do this still?

— HIM Christina I to a member of the Imperial Cabinet

It troubles me greatly to see the invasion of territories which rightfully belong to nations led by my friends and allies. New Athens pledges diplomatic support to Wegmat and its allies and hopes for a speedy resolution to this conflict.

— HRH RM Tyler Mullins, King of the Free Nation of New Athens

Noting the conflict engulfing the Des Plaines Valley sector, where the Monmarkian Associated State, the Kingdom of Valandia, is located, and the fact that our territory was illegally occupied by Rodentia, a nation in that conflict, despite our neutrality in the conflict, I hereby pledge to demand an immediate withdrawal from our territories, and if this is not done, I will pledge diplomatic support to Wegmat and its allies, along with giving them permission to move armed forces through the Kingdom of Valandia.

— HMOM Alexander I Constantine

As an ally of New Athens and of Monmark, I hereby proclaim that what Rodentia and its allies are doing is unconscionable and hereby declare my diplomatic support for the Alley Coalition and UDCTC. May Ares be with you, Wegmat, for the sake of us all.

— Alexander I of Cimbrun

This is really dumb

— His Majesty Isaiah David Burdette

We has always maintained that all parties concerned should properly resolve their contradictions and differences through dialogue, negotiation and other peaceful means on the basis of mutual respect, and jointly maintain peace and stability.

— Vân Tinh

This war has brought upon us a terror, unlike any before, land has been stolen, morale has been low, but most importantly, we are all done fighting.

— Brady Griffin

For the foreseeable future Ausveria will remain neutral, we have always liked Wegmat however they do not like us. As time goes on we are pushed closer and closer towards supporting Rodentia in this conflict especially since our rival Tesforia has joined on the side of Wegmat

— Chancellor Fredrick M.

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  1. Member states Ponderosa Hills, Wegmat and Tesforia are actively engaging in the conflict.