Grand Theft Auto V affair

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Grand Theft Auto V affair
The location of the main battle
Date28 January - 5 February 2020 (8 days)
Result Status quo ante bellum, did not escalate to war, Leon Montan uninstalls Grand Theft Auto V voluntary.
AendereseFlag.png Aenderia
Flag of New Eiffel.svg New Eiffel
Flag of the Kingdom of Wegmat.svg Wegmat
PRPH flag.svg Ponderosa Hills

Flag of Paloma (2020 Redesign).svg Paloma
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the United Kingdom.png Jayden Lycon
New Eiffel War Flag.jpeg Zarel Smith
Flag of the Kingdom of Wegmat.svg Cole Baird
PRPH flag.svg Leon Montan

Flag of Paloma (2020 Redesign).svg Aidan McGrath
Units involved
Aenderian Coast Guard
His Royal Army of New Eiffel
National Liberation Army

The Grand Theft Auto V affair was an affair between various micronationalists involving Leon Montan owning the game Grand Theft Auto V. The affair began on 28 January, after Jayden Lycon posted a sarcastic message with Zarel Smith and Leon Montan joining. The affair escalated on 4 February 2020 after intervention by Aidan McGrath. The conflict ended the day later and Montan uninstalling the game soon after the event was ended.


Grand Theft Auto V is a 2013 action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.[1][2] The Entertainment Software Rating Board, also known as the ESRB, rated this game as mature, due to its use of blood, nudity, language, alcohol, etc.[3] On 26 January 2020, Leon Montan complained to TOES concerning his slow download speed when downloading the game.[4][5] This was noticed by Lycon and was later confirmed by Montan on 27 January 2020. As Montan was 13 at the time and the ESRB having jurisdiction in his area (that being North America), it would have been against the rating to play the game.[6][7]


Leon Montan playing Grand Theft Auto V on 27 January 2020.

On 28 January 2020, Jayden Lycon, then-commander-in-chief of the Aenderian Coast Guard, issued a sarcastic warrant notice named "delete gta V"' stating that Montan would be arrested for downloading Grand Theft Auto V while being underage, despite having no jurisdiction over Montan and himself owning the game yet underage.

Letter sent by Jayden Lycon formally requesting Canadian assistance to this affair.

the Aenderian Coast Guard issued a warrant that we found you downloading grand theft auto V but it says it is rated for mature and leon montan page says you are 13 so uninstall or else we will arrest u Jaydenfromcanada (talk) 01:31, 28 January 2020 (UTC)


ESRB's mature rating, for games rated 17 years and older, which GTA V got rated as.

Zarel Smith of New Eiffel would also criticize Montan shortly after. A day later, the message was received by Montan and he later responded, preparing the National Liberation Army to intervene Jayden Lycon's buttocks. The conversation was later forgotten.

On 4 February 2020, Aidan McGrath from Paloma intervened, criticizing Lycon for threatening to arrest Montan despite having no jurisdiction and that Lycon would just start even more drama. McGrath also challenged Lycon to do the same, as McGrath owned a copy of Grand Theft Auto and was lower than 18[8] (despite the fact that the game is rated 17 or over).[3][9] Zarel Smith later threatened war between New Eiffel and Paloma, in which McGrath laughed at. After, Montan and Smith told McGrath that the whole conflict was purely non-serious and a joke. Zarel would later inform that New Eiffel was mobilizing 200 troops armed with nerf guns, in an attempt to assassinate Montan, despite the fact that the United Armed Forces lacked the resources to fulfill such a task. Cole Baird from Wegmat later criticized Montan for downloading the game and was planning to sue Rockstar Games for the bad game.[8]


Montan showing interest in re-installing the game on 15 October 2020.

The affair was largely meme'd about in TOES, as well as in private talks between Lycon and Montan. Montan would later delete the game near the end of the affair as he didn't like the game, as well as taking too much space on his hard drive.

On 19 June 2020, after rediscovering the chat, Lycon noticed that McGrath challenged him to do the same with him. There were plans to start another conflict, with Lycon mailing Justin Trudeau,[10] the Prime Minister of Canada,[11][12] for military assistance using his powers prescribed in the Statute of Westminster, 1931,[13][14][15] including a request to declare war on Ponderosa Hills and Paloma despite the fact that Aenderia does not hold a military treaty between Canada and Trudeau not having jurisdiction in Michigan, the state where McGrath resides in. As McGrath reached the threshold of 17 to play the game on 7 July 2020, as well as no response from the Canadian government, plans to continue the war were scrapped.

On 24 June 2020, due to unclear communication, the affair re-escalated[16] but was later corrected by Lycon.[17] No fighting was conducted but the Cubian DEFCON system was tripped due to this incident.

why does the date on the Grand Theft Auto V affair say "20 June 2020 - present"? does that mean there is going to be nuclear war--BSMMedia (talk) 11:39, 24 June 2020 (UTC)

BSMMedia, 24 June 2020 at User talk:ThatMLGDorito[18]

On 15 October 2020, Montan showed interest in re-installing Grand Theft Auto V,[19] leading to the Aenderian Coast Guard to transmit various messages to allies including Essexia, Iustus, Yu-Xia, and Jamez for assistance to the possible conflict.[20] An invasion plan to various parts of Ponderosa Hills was also drafted later in the day,[21] crossing through Highland Creek to invade Lafreniere, an autonomous province of Ponderosa Hills west of Aenderia.[22]

On 13 November 2020, Lycon received a reply from the letter he sent in June 2020 regarding the affair from the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada.[23] The letter later got 3.4 thousand upvotes on Reddit.[24] On 18 November 2020, Montan was playing Grand Theft Auto V without intervention from the Aenderian Coast Guard.[25]

International reactions

The incident was mostly only known to the people who were involved in it. Though, there have been some micronations who have reacted to this incident.

As Foreign Minister of Iustus, Lycon attempted to add a statement on behalf of the Empire of Iustus but was later denied by Austin Jaax.[27]

A transmission was sent by the Coast Guard after receiving a notice stating that Montan was going to download Grand Theft Auto V, with a few micronations responding to the transmission.

  • Essexia: After receiving the transmission on 15 October 2020, Lord Matthew of Essexia simply responded with the word "bruh", implying no interest in this event.[28]
  • Jamez responded to the transmission with a recommendation to indict him.[29]
  • New Eiffel: Zarel Smith responded with an inappropriate image from the Independent.

Film adaptation

grand theft auto v affair
Directed byJayden Lycon
Produced byJayden Lycon
Based onGarfielf
American Revolution / Independence in a Nutshell
StarringMicroball adaptations of Ponderosa Hills and Aenderia
Edited byMicrosoft PowerPoint
Wondershare Filmora 9
Release date
21 November 2020
Running time
1 minute 37 seconds
Age ratingAFRB: CAEveryone.png

The conflict has appeared in a film of the same name, made by Lycon on 21 November 2020, featuring the microball versions of both Aenderia and Ponderosa Hills. The film parodies Garfielf by PilotRedSun and American Revolution / Independence in a Nutshell by Kaliningrad General as it features poorly drawn art and the same text to speech software[30].


The film starts with the narrator accidentally messing up PowerPoint settings leading to the presentation being viewed in narrator mode. This is rapidly corrected and starts with Aenderiaball supervising Ponderosa Hillsball. Ponderosa Hillsball suggests downloading Grand Theft Auto V, causing Aenderiaball to become angry and claiming that Ponderosa Hills was too violent. Ponderosa Hillsball prepares for battle and installs Grand Theft Auto V against the wishes of Aenderiaball. Aenderiaball warns that this is a serious offence, but Ponderosa Hillsball dismisses the warning and destroys Franklin's car, managed to force the Royal Navy to withdraw, as well as manages to kill Franklin, a character in the game. This leads to Aenderiaball giving up. The film later cuts to a viewer watching the film which leads to the Federal Bureau of Investigations raiding the viewer.

Historical accuracy

Though the film was based on the conflict, the film overlooks and adapts various historical events, including:

  • Aenderia does not supervise Ponderosa Hills in the video game industry
  • Aenderia does not officially say that Ponderosa Hills was violent when downloading Grand Theft Auto V; the reason cited for the arrest was because of the game's ESRB rating
  • The film does not mention the interventions of Paloma, New Eiffel, nor Wegmat
  • The film mentions the Royal Navy, despite nether Aenderia nor Ponderosa Hills having a military branch named "Royal Navy"

911 Operator expansion

Screenshot in 911 Operator with the Grand Theft Auto V Affair modification.

On 13 January 2021, a user-generated expansion for the game 911 Operator was uploaded to the Steam Workshop based on the Grand Theft Auto V affair. The expansion was developed by Jayden Lycon. [31]

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